Do You Want The Flip Camera To Return On The Zenfone 7?

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Would u all like to see the flip camera return or go back to the regular front facing camera for the next Zenfone? I'm sure the next Zenfone will be announced in a few months I'm still happy with my 6 but not sure about the camera. According to rumors they got rid of the flip camera. I did love the flip camera for panorama shots and motion tracking I thought those were great ideas.

Do u want the flip camera to return for the Zenfone 7?


  • Yes.I love flip camera

  • I prefer fixed cameras that offer better features such as keeping the screen on while looking at the device. Also because there will be more space for the speaker and the proximity sensor. An improved version of the 5z.

  • Yes with three cameras :)

  • I don't care, as long as its laggy on low light and transition between lens isnt seamless, still not better than front camera in other phone.

  • Yes, I would like to have such mechanism to

    1. Retain best camera and flash for selfie
    2. Auto panorama / Tracking
    3. Most importantly, edge to edge screen without any distraction.

    However, instead of hanging camera, there could be way to lock it in normal position. The current system gets loose over time and start rattling.

  • S4tS4t Level 2

    I like the flip camera, but would do something to stop it from getting loose.

    In any case, if rumours are correct, the Zenfone 7 won't have a flip camera but a static set of cameras like the iPhone. By now they already have some prototype and won't be making huge design changes to it.

    I won't buy a new phone anytime soon though, so I don't really care if they ditch the flip camera on the 7. It's something to worry about when I upgrade (2 or 3 years from now).

  • I wouldnt mind the flip camera on the 7, just depends how much its costing for them in terms of materials being used and if the company is making money at all at this point.

  • OMG I so afraid they don't keep the flip camera =(

    I really love it! It gives me much more freedom to shoot in other angles.

  • YashYash Level 1
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    yeah i would love to have the flip camera on the asus 7z as it has more features and utility benefits than a static fixed camera for photographs and video recording.

    But i would like them to ditch the glass back as its a huge fingerprint magnet and replace it with a matte finish instead.

    It would also be nice if they had a front firing speaker with a bit more bezel to avoid accidental touches.This would be a huge deal against other flagship phones.

  • Yes, we need flip if asus cannot get 60fps fullhd/4k video to the front other ways.

  • Yes please!!

    They can try a triangular structure, by keeping third one under the 2 rotating camera in the zenfone6 model.

    I love the cam setup and it applications. Please keep it!!!

  • JBLJBL Level 1

    Yes, flip camera and I'm on. No flip and I will save some money..

  • I'm up for flip, provided they do something about the earpiece by not keeping it inside the camera module.

  • ShikharShikhar Level 1

    Clicking selfies with the primary camera is the real flex. Retain it please

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