Stock camera can't make individual settings in PRO mode

Alira RizwanAlira Rizwan Level 1
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In stock camera we are not able to use the PRO mode options independentlyL.. Like if we set shutter speed nd then wen trying to change exposure

Shutter speed goes back to default auto mode.

Not able to set up everything individually....


  • Of course! There's only so much we can do with changing the ISO so because of this, these two options will cancel each other out.

    EV is a combination of ISO and Shutter. The only two settings you can combine in PRO are ISO and shutter.

  • Isn't there any option through which we can be in complete Control of the Manual Pro Mode. Defeats the very purpose of Manual mode if the Shutter speed & EV cancel out each other.

  • VampVamp Level 3

    Hi... No there is no way to control both Sutter speed and EV at the same time atleast for mobile devices. If there is say another manufacturer which say it can change ISO, Sutter Speed and EV (all three at once) it's just showing you numbers but not actually changing the configuration of camera itself.

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