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After the update the notification LED does not turn green when the phone is fully charged if it is completely off.

The problem also continues because when the phone is switched on (from complete shutdown), it sometimes asks that the preferred data network be selected.

Are these problems known?

Will they be fixed in the next update?



  • 在瀏覽資料或網頁時會暫時停止幾秒, 之後才又继續.


  • 以上是Zenfone 5z,已Android 10最新更新,2月15日

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    Can you help me?

    @Anders_ASUS @CH_ASUS @LP_ASUS

  • After the WW- update, the problem continues with the LED during charging while the phone is completely switched off, it is still red even if the battery is 100% full.

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    Its an hardware issue. Maybe the led is malfunctioning. Visit a service centre

  • How is it going to be a hardware problem if it has occurred as a result of an update?

    The LED works, what is not correct is the color it uses.

  • No one else reported this bug. Even i am not facing this bug personally. Most possible reason maybe a hardware failure. Else try a factory reset.

  • The led with the phone on works correctly. Have you tried as I say with the phone completely off? It also keeps asking you to choose the preferred SIM for data. Does it happen to you?

  • I am posting reply only after trying all the stuff you wrote in your post. After switching off and while charging my device displays red LED and after it reaches 100 it turns GREEN. also it never asks me to choose preferred sim, i am having a seamless experience for last one and half year with this device. That is why i am asking you to perform factory reset and if issue is not solved please visit service centre.

  • I did a reset on the previous update, in addition, the two updates were made by complete file, not via OTA. Perhaps the way to update is the one that generated the problem and that is why there are no more users affected, or they have not noticed if they always have the phone on.

  • Then i suggest you wait for next update and use complete firmware file to update. Cause there are no other users with this bug either in Zentalk or on 5z telegram channel.

  • I already did it, and it still happens with the latest version I will have to try a new factory reset.

  • I am also facing the same issue, no green light after fully charged. (Charging while switched off)

  • I have made the factory reset and the problem persists. The LED is red with the phone completely off and charged. I don't remember if the LED was orange before when it had a certain charge like when it is charging while it is on. In summary, the charging LED does not work properly with the phone turned off and if it works correctly with the phone turned on.

    I see that I am not the only one affected. Maybe the ones that work for you, if you do a factory reset you also have this problem.

  • i did perform a factory reset after i updated to A10. and its working fine for me. I still insist you visit service centre or PM to any mod here and clarify. ?

  • It's a known issue which we're working on solving. No need to visit service center

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    Hey can we get these in the next fota:

    1. Power button customisation options (like 6z and Rog 2)

    2. Status bar icon manager

    3. .46 update has some random stutters in the UI (I'll appreciate if it gets solved in the next fota :D )

    Battery optimisation and everything else is perfect

    Btw just out of curiosity what's the update schedule from here for 5z, considering it's going to complete it's two years

    Is it just security patches for us now ? ( As it's an non priority device now) or we would get to see some "surprises" along the way as porting of new stuff from Zenfone 6 etc (Zen UI 7) *wink*

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    Battery still needs some more optimisations during gaming and normal usage

    Also stutter in gameplay during multi-touch still needs to be fixed like pubg and many other

    Alredy on latest update .46

    @Anders_ASUS @CH_ASUS

  • The battery led doesn't change to green when fully charged if the phone is charging while turned off.

    Battery drain is two times worse than the first Android 10 Stable, and ten times worse than Android 9.

    The volume controls under setting are glitching.

    All the system is stuttering like an Xiaomi's intermediate device.

    The touch panel is presenting a low DPI mouse behavior, getting worse while more fingers are touching at the same time. It causes the impossibility of having a flagship gaming experience, like it's better to play on ZenFone 5 than in 5Z (and it's really is, video proof by JonathanSR some replies above).

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    Why the hell r u in . 36 update to . 46.....46 is the best stable update after Pie, only issue is 4k 60fps is shuttering.

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