Battery saver logo "on" despite being in the 'balanced' mode

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Hey guys,

Before I get into my issue, just wanted to say that I've had this phone ever since it came out and it has been a wonderful experience. Kudos to everyone involved as this phone is a beast. I see many people here on the forum complaining about the battery backup and the android/security updates, just want to point out that these things might take time and if someone is unwilling to wait a little they can head over to XDA, root (and lose warranty and OTA updates in the process) and install the custom kernel and rom (if any are out yet)

If you don't want to do that I suggest you wait, we have been assured time and again that an update is on the way. In my experience it's always best to have a clean update rather than a buggy one, the wait should be worth it.

I have also seen many people here on this forum feel "entitled" and act as if they own the company and have also seen them threaten to move to other brands if their demands aren't met. (Lol)

To such people I'd say just go, get the hell out of the Asus world. If you feel that your paltry and measly couple hundred bucks or thousand rupees (depending on where you live) gives you the privilege of losing basic humanity and acting like complete turds and the internet warriors which I'm sure you'll are no doubt, then you probably do not belong here. Learn to be a bit appreciative guys, I know it's the internet but it still doesn't give us any right to be aggressive and downright rude.

I'd like to apologise for this long rant but just felt that someone had to mention it. I've been visiting this forum a lot and see a lot of crap here by other people. Not criticism or appreciation, just basic crap.

That being said, coming to my issue, @Anders_ASUS, or anyone else , I do have this persistent battery saver logo "on" the whole time despite the phone being in the balanced batter mode in the phone settings. Now I have had this issue in the past as well, it happens immediately after disconnecting the charging cable. But on switching modes and coming back to the balanced one it used to solve the issue. But now even that seems to not work and it seems to be stuck on this perpetual battery saver mode. Not that I have any issues with battery saver, just that some of the notifications are delayed due to this. Would be great if someone could suggest how to fix this. Thanks guys!


  • I unable to get that battery logo on my phone but then again, I'm on the beta so there's a good chance this will be fixed when you update to Android 10 which is really close now. You will get the update before I will get a solution for this issue so the best thing right now is to wait and hope that it will get fixed by itself.

  • Hello @Anders_ASUS

    I have recently updated to A10, would like to thank everyone involved at ASUS for making it happen.

    Have a few things I would like to clarify upon.

    1) the aforementioned post issue with the battery saver logo appearing in the status bar seems to still be there. Have attached a screenshot of the same below.

    2) After updating to A10, immediately noticed that my touch vibration stopped working completely. So now even when the touch vibration intensity is set to maximum, I'm unable to get a haptic feedback on typing or on using the system navigation keys. The vibration motor is still working though as it does vibrate on getting calls.

    3) Battery too seems to be draining a lot faster. Have attached a screenshot of that as well below. Is that considered to be normal right after the system update?

    Please let me know what can done regarding the above issues.


  • Item 3: yes, it's normal. After 1or 2 days battery wil be back to normal (there's a lot going on under the hoods after system update, so battery consumption will be higher than usual).

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