Camera issues after .121 update

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The camera is so much laggy after .121 update in low light conditions you can't take any pictures with ease why it was like some kind of cheap phone. While taking videos it was choppy in low light conditions. Please give some updates for camera are you guys have up on camera no updates on camera after android 10 update.


  • my only lag issues in low light is when using ultra wide camera, my lil sister has low end phone but her ultra wide lena is seamless and not laggy like my zenfone 6.

  • That's what I'm saying my friends vivo and samsung a51 is seamless. They are not considering the camera issues. is there any updates for camera in future@LP_ASUS @Anders_ASUS

  • Same situation with my mobile as well. Also I'm experiencing battery drain and heating issue after .121 update. Hope Asus fix this issue ASAP.

  • Thank you for making a separate thread. ;)

    Can you show me a video of this "choppiness" so that I have something to report to the camera team? I'm happy to ask them for clarification, but I need some examples to show them.

  • This video shot in zenfone 6?

    This video taken in normal FHD in zenfone 6 of my friend's samsung a51

    Which is not that much choppy as mine as i take the video using my phone it seems to be choppy but really it is not. i am not making any false notion please try it yourself we all just need a good camera software update@LP_ASUS @Anders_ASUS

    Cause the camera is so lit just make it the best.

  • That is the preview before you actually take a picture or video. Are you seeing quality issues when actually taking videos? Is there choppiness in the video that you weren't seeing before?

    I'll forward this suggestion to the developers, but your experience with the preview screen is very similar to my unit which is on older firmware.

  • I am in .121 firmware in videos no problem but while taking photos because of that choppiness I can't capture photo clearly. Sorry i can't reproduce the same for now but i will upload it shortly.

  • Can you please make one more video in a different scenario? When you move it like that in "photo mode" in a dark room with a much lighter window, it constantly tries to determine if it should set its sensitivity to the window or the room as they both take up equally as much of the whole picture. During this process, it will be choppy.

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