WW....121 (Android 10) Update on Zenfone 6 - North American model

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Hi, I'm new to the community. I've purchased my Zenfone 6 last September and was wondering if the latest Android update (ZS630KL_WW_17.1810.2001.121) would be fine to run on my phone? I'm still running on Android 9 (.194 build) because I'm still having doubts in updating since I've read a lot of issues (camera, motherboard, system speed, etc.) here on the forums from the recent update. I'm just trying to be safe because I'm not keen on making warranty claims since I got my phone from bhphotovideo.com (in USA) and I'm using it here in Australia. I have the 8GB-256GB model (C-version based on the network bands) #ZS630KL-S855-8G256G-BK.

Would appreciate any input on the issue, thanks!


  • Do not believe everything you read here on the forum. Most problems are user errors. Of course, if you have a problem with your motherboard, only service, not specific firmware versions, will help. Why don't you try it yourself, you can always go back to version 194.

    I switched to Android 10 last October and I have no problem that bothers me. I didn't even have to do a factory reset. In the meantime, if there were any minor bugs, they have been fixed.

  • I just haven't heard yet if there's any issues for anyone who bought theirs from USA. And if I do update to Android 10 and have these issues occur, will they be reversible if I do revert back to Android 9?

  • And if I do update to Android 10 and have these issues occur, will they be reversible if I do revert back to Android 9?

    If something goes wrong on A10 or you get angry and you go back to A9, a factory reset is performed (it is mandatory) and you start from scratch, logically it will work the way it worked on A9 previously.

  • I'm in the US on 121 (well, now 129 as of this AM). Not everybody uses there phone the same so I can't give you a complete report (ex: I don't game at all and I haven't even tried the FM radio). The main problem for me is lack of voLTE and voWiFi, but you don't have that in the US on Android 9 either.

  • I don't game much anyway and voLTE/WiFi isn't something I was after too. But as far as everything else system-wise, is it working fine (e.g. Camera, performance, stability, etc.)?

  • For the way I use it? Yes. Have I tested everything? Probably not. I only rarely use the camera. If it had voLTE (so I didn't get occasional missed calls and texts) and if it allowed Amazon prime in HD I would have little to complain about.

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