Zenfone 6 heating issue using camera

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I bought my mobile just last month and in just one month of usage I'm facing this issue. Just 2 minutes of video recording makes right side (back panel + screen) of mobile to get crazy hot. While taking photos also it gets pretty hot.Now this kind of problem should not occur as it's a flagship phone. In normal usage other than camera, no heating is experienced by me.

Please let me know if this issue is only limited when using camera or not ? I don't play games, so can't say if it is also present during playing games as well. Please comment if anyone facing similar issue like me with their Zenfone 6.


  • Getting hot is pretty normal when recording videos in 4k and yes using camera drains battery faster it's normal in every phone that's out there

  • U should play games and test whether it's getting too hot cause i play continously for hours and i there arent such heating or throttling issues that i had to stop playing the game

  • Thanks for your quick reply. Yes i know in 4K video recording battery drain is quite expected, but with my mobile even with FHD videos it's happening. Can you please tell me, is your mobile too getting hot in 2 min of FHD recording. Also my mobile is on January security patch with Android 10.

    Actually I use my mobile for 2 years and then only upgrade to a new one, but this heating issue has got me to worry about possible future problems i might face with this mobile. I'm also anxious about the motherboard issue many zenfone 6 users are facing.

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    I think part of the "problem" is that unlike most phones, this one has an external camera module. Instead of heating up the back of the phone, only the module gets hot and it will feel hot because it's made of metal. The material used for the module probably also plays a part on the higher temperatures.

    I haven't seen anyone complaining about the camera not working, so I guess it's not a big problem.

    Regarding the motherboard issue, unless your phone is restarting, you are fine. If it's restarting, send it to ASUS and they'll replace it for free.

    My suggestion: use and enjoy your new phone. The "anxiety" of something breaking down will spoil your experience. If a problem appears later on, deal with it then. Right now, you should record as many videos and take as many pictures you want. I mean, that's why you bought the phone, right?

  • Asus updates security patches once every 2 months so everyone is on jan patch and you do one thing keep recording with camera and see if the phone stops recording after sometime due to heat ....if it does it's better to take it service centre

    And if it doesn't it's just feeling of new phone....always one or other thing feels wrong so chill

  • We can log your phone to find out why this is happening. But please don't tell me that you're standing in the middle of sahara with the sun up while recording with Gcam. That will for sure make your camera very hot regardless of which brand you're using

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    my ZenFone 6 heats up when I am using the camera app too. I don't know if it is hardware or software problem

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    Or maybe it's not a problem at all?

    You have a powerful processor and a camera module made of metal. You have to expect things to get hot.

  • Actually problem is in Snapdragon 855 Image signal processor, it pulls way more power from battery and that's the reason it gets heated fast. We don't have to worry as every Snapdragon 855 device is behaving like this in terms of camera. I compared it with my friends Redmi K20 Pro and results were same, both get heated while using camera . Also OnePlus 7 users are facing this issue. We have to accept it and keep using our mobile rather than worrying

  • My HUAWEI Nova 5T also heats up when I am using its camera, but it has Kirin 980 SoC inside... so I guess it is normal..

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