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help me set the sound of the text because I can't, I had one, I deleted and no longer I can set it, give me the money !!!


  • Sound of the text?

  • yes, I set the ringtone, the alarm too, and the sound of the text can not, I had one, I removed it and since then I have the same vibrations although I write the ringtone set, sick phone, I do not want it anymore, low battery, poor memory, expensive phone like a flagship

  • I think the text sound will be the same as notification sound. But you can change the notification sound for message app.

    Go to Apps & notification - see all apps - select messages app - select notification - incoming messages - advanced - select sound

  • that's how I do Mastervishikh, this is not my first phone, I set the message notification ring as normal in the world as usual and nothing, despite the different ringtone, text messages came to the old ringtone, I finally removed it and now the vibrations are just barely anyway, and nothing rings, I tried different ringtones, I write it is ok but it does not work, in the application messages I changed what I could, nothing more, the phone restarted 10 times, honestly the worst phone I had, Asus 2 was better, I write on it anyway

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