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I'm sorry to insist but we need an update for using the Kunai gamepad with streaming services like Xbox streaming, or NVIDIA and stadia etc... Maybe the Kunai is not designed for this type of use, but we think that if you let's us remap M1 and M2 as start and select everybody wins, players who play mobiles and player who play with streaming on their phone. Sorry to mention that your are the only company that "forget" to have start and select button...

Some people remap their button but we have to ROOT our phone, and i don't want this. Please insist on your team, i'm so frustated with the Kunai, i want to play with it , and i just can't.




  • We hear you. You're not the first to make this request and it's an ongoing internal discussion

  • Nvidia didn't have Start/Select on their controllers either. So Asus isn't the only one.

  • I hope we get an update for the kunai soon or I might move to the razer phone 2 :(... at least their $99 junglecat controller has a start and select button. It is kind of ridiculous how asus forgot to add that on the kunai.

  • who said that? i have an nvidia controller and it does have start/select buttons, asus is the only one that doesn't

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    Just wait soon they will release a grafic card without display port and think it will work anyway.

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    THe Junglecat controller work OK on the ROG phone.

    I also almost never use the kunai gamepad due to the absurd keymap but at least you can use the Razer controller to actually play games on the ROG phone

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    Can we get an update on this? It's crazy how long it's been.

    With all the streaming services, older Android titles, and all the new ones that use xinput through monogame; these controllers NEED the start/select button mapped to be taken seriously. Especially at the insane price these kunai controllers cost.

    This could have been solved if there was native hardware mapping.

    I can't even use the razer Kashi ones due to the placement of the usb-c slot. Which makes this problem all the more infuriating.

    This ecosystem is too specific to the device and each other to say we need to rely on other products. Clips mean none of the cooling options for overclocking are viable. This also locks out the twinview.

    These controllers need to be fixed or all of this incredibly expensive hardware is less useful

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