asus desktop dock output display port problem

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i try using display port cable for dock output cannot work.

if using hdmi cable no problem.

anyone same with me?


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    Have you tried another DP cable? It doesn't matter if you know that the cable you have work, please try another one

  • yes i have tried another display port cable. i got 3 display cable. and tried with monitor connect to my CPU. all it work.

    i test out ROG phone with dock cannot work with display output. with HDMI cable is work.

    when desktop dock using input with display cable from CPU and output with display cable to monitor. under PC mode is work. plug in ROG phone 2 press dock button change to mobile mode cannot work. so mean is desktop dock transfer data from CPU to monitor no problem. problem is phone. but HDMI output work with both mode.

  • Could be that it's broken. Check with your ASUS support

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