Ear speaker has stopped working!

rayanghosh99rayanghosh99 Level 1
edited September 2020 in ZenFone 6

I am not able hear anything from a call, i either had to turn on the speaker or plug my ear phones. This is disappointing, i really like the design and the build quality of the phone. I believe speakers quality where compromised.

I am using 6z. Is anyone else facing any similar issue?


  • What about when you play a song? Do you hear any sound from earpiece, if not then it goes faulty. Time to visit ASC.

  • rayanghosh99rayanghosh99 Level 1
    edited February 2020

    Yes I can hear songs but can't hear the voice when some one calls. It's kinda annoying. Will visit ASC anyway.

    I am just researching, whether it is a hardware or software issue...

  • Looks like software issue. otherwise it would not work, when song is playing. Did reset didn't work?

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