It has only been a month that i bought rog phone 2 and my battery has started draining so fast.

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After I bought rog phone 2 from flipkart in India battery was good for almost 2 weeks. Then the battery started to show abnormal drainage. After a month of use the battery of 6000mah doesn't even lasts for 3 hours of playing games. This battery of Asus rog phone 2 feels like 3000 mah rather than of 6000 mah. I think many like me has started facing this issue in this phone. I hope Asus will look into this issue asap and fix this drainage issue is next update.



  • It should definitely be able to last for more than 3 hours but I don't know if you also use your phone for a lot of other things?

    Please download "App Usage - Manage/Track Usage" It will give you a very detailed summary of the apps you've been using. Unfortunately, it can only show foreground usage.

    Permit Android Usage Access and share the list here as a screen shot or Export Usage History & Activity history csv files

  • Hello andres why has my Rog phone 2 started charging so fast. Like it gets fully charged in 40 minutes and the battery drains so fast. Before it used to take 2 hours and battery life was good.

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    It's like this?? It's draining my battery now 80-73% as of now while browsing only.. ROG 2 ultimate edition here..


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    Hello @Anders_ASUS why has accubattery app started showing that my phone's battery is only of 3200 mah?

  • Why it's showing only half the capacity I have had used this phone only for one month

  • When you only charge 33% then AccuBattery is guessing at best. You need to go below 20% and preferably below 10% and all the way up to 100% to get a proper estimation. The more full charges it has to base its data on, the more accurate it will be but it will still be nothing more than an estimation.

    Please tell me what it says when you have almost depleted the battery and charged it to 100%

  • Why does mine say it's 88% health? I got it at end of Oct last year.

  • I had uninstalled accubattery and installed again and it is the result.before 1 week I charged like u said and measured the result was the same as this. I will send u images after I do it again .

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    I don't know. We've discussed AccuBattery a lot and our conclusion is that it's not always accurate. The problem is that the data it uses, comes from the app itself. A battery isn't digital so the energy will be slightly different from day to day. It's very complex to calculate the consumption so it will never be more than an estimate. Even the battery stats in Android system leaves a lot to desire.

    I guess the only way to know how well your battery health is, is to perform a battery test and compare that to someone who thinks their phone has a healthy battery. How you perform this test is up to you but it's important that both phones are tested in the same way.

    I'd recommend PCMark Work 2.0 battery life test with flight mode active, 60Hz and 50% brightness. The good thing with this app is that it record your time even if the phone dies

  • Ok I will test my battery with this apps. But why the above persons battery is showing 5285 mah in accubattery itself and my phone shows always below 4000 mah. Is something wrong with my battery only in one month of use. or did I get a damaged product

  • 80%-12% in 3 hours 30 minutes 6000mah battery great

  • It might very well be that there's something wrong with your battery considering that you can charge it to 100% in one hour.

    I would visit an ASUS Service Center if I were you

  • I don't have any service centre near my place. Where can I go to check my phone . I live in state Sikkim in India. Are there any service centre in Sikkim India ?

  • Every user has a different usage but I guess you could just turn off the wifi and mobile data and let the phone idle for a day and see how much battery it is draining. If you are losing 1% every hour..then it is normal I guess..

    Is this a stupid comment? I have no idea.

  • I live in a rural remote area in India where there are no service centres. I play games a lot so I bought this phone Asus Rog 2 with a hope that it was a good brand product and battery would lasts longer than other phones. But now I think I made a great mistake it's not even a month and I have to take this phone to the service centre. Can't Asus make a phone which atleast would last for a year without taking to the service centre. Asus I guess is only good in advertising they give overkill features but is full of bugs and the Asus company don't give a damn about customer just look at the update. We been asking update for months now and still not a single reply not even for windows 10. I will never buy a Asus product in my life. I should have bought Black shark 2, Asus Rog 2 was just waste of money.

  • I understand that you're upset but you're the first user in this forum to mention that the battery can fully charge in 1 hour. It sounds likely you got a phone with a faulty battery. It can happen. If there's 1 bad battery out of 10 000 and the defect showed first after 1 months use, then someone has to be the unlucky one. I'm sorry this happened to you and we will solve it. If your battery truly is defective then you will of course get a new one. If you don't have a service center close by, then you need to call ASUS support and they will arrange a solution for you.

  • I am facing the same problem my battery is dead within 8 hours of drains so fast for a 6000mah it should atleast last for a day i guess..why did i buy this phone its just been a month n so many problems

    1st problem : Dust in rear camera manufacturing defect

    2 nd battery draining fast

    What the heck Asus?

  • Asus doesn't cares about customer they just know to extort money from people by giving such faulty products.

    Asus products are like buying a crap from funfair

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    Now I understand Asus Rog phone is made for the gamers who carry phones to showoff the rgp light and the overkill features which is full of bugs. But it's okay for them as they change their phone every month to showoff. Unfortunately I didn't belonged to this group of gamers and I regreat a lot buying this Asus Rog phone 2. I should have chose other brands like Xiaomi and one plus

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    Please make an update on Android 10 of Battery issue.. ULTIMATE EDITION HERE but the battery is having a abnormal status.. sometimes good, sometimes bad of battery drain, When opening an application it drain 800-1300 MA then slowing down 300-400 MA after few mins it's rise up again to 900+ then going down it's not stable to 300-400 MA for playing a game with low setting and xmode is turnoff and 60hertz only.. Maybe there's a bug on power consumption or this unit is new variant right?? I'm running in low setting and stop running apps and try resetting the phone still the same problem.. @Anders_ASUS

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