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I observe my phone for 1week and half.... Is this normal?? That my battery drain 11-13% playing games with 20% brightness, xmode is off, no air cooling fan attached, 60gherts and connected in wifi or data for 1hr??? And cp is idle for 6hrs 1% drain?? I set my games in low fps and default resolution games only that I play is Ragnarok online eternal love,mobile legends and sometimes black desert, world of dragones and call of duty.. if it's the battery is set for 1hr drain 11-13% when playing game with low setting even with high setting same draining?? ROG 2 ULTIMATE EDITION here.. Please Clarify if this normal?? I hope in Android 10 will fix this please.. @LP_ASUS @Anders_ASUS @laura50123


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    Sounds about right. What did you expect? Most phones will offer you 4-5h of gaming and with ROG Phone II you will get about 8h. It really depends on which game you're playing. Some of the games you listed will use less battery and some more.

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    @Anders_ASUS how about this 80-73% just browsing only on FB and Google chrome why it's drain so fast without gaming?? Here's the detail is this correct data need to see?? ROG 2 ultimate edition here.. Maybe still on bug? I already make replacement for this unit but still the same issue ?

  • Hard to say but your stats include 3 hours of gaming so I would still say it's considered as normal.

    The biggest question mark is why you can fully charge your phone. How big does accuBattery say your battery is when you have fully charged your phone? You will need a weeks of charging before it can give you a usable estimation but even after the first estimation, you should be over 5000mAh

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    I've try to to charge it from 20 to 80% to make my battery prolong the life I'm actually downloading pcmark 2.0 to test it now.. I'll post it after ive test it if it's normal or not..

  • Dude, the device runs on 6000 mAh not a nuclear power plant. Everything looks normal from the looks of it. Also, all your monitoring tools also consume battery so...

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