Red tint - No update

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Its been months since the release of this device and heard nothing from Asus , @Anders_ASUS once said that we will look into it but yet nothing has been heard from you nor any of the mods...

What is the issue why this red tint can't be fixed ??? How long are you guys intending to unsee this...



  • They have responded to this question many times.

    If the red tint is to much, contact a service center and get it replaced. It's hardware related and will not get fixed with an update.

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    It can be fixed but not in terms of hardware and it is a hardware manufacturing process. Asus can only do some changes to the color management but you will still see the red tint if a 3rd party app is using the same tone of grey or orange or red.

    Didn't someone say that they improved on the blacks in android 10 ? I think it might help a bit but like I is just color management and it will not fix the hardware issue as mentioned by our dear friend julienvd93

  • Ok its not that bad but will Asus service acknowledge this, on lowest brightness the grey turns reddish and its higher with higher refresh rate

  • It's defenetly a lot less noteable on A10 if the phone is in Dark mode since dark mode on A10 uses a pure black notification bar. Which is colour management like you're saying.

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