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I bought the Strix edition from Amazon, but the order was fulfilled by a third party seller, not Amazon themselves. The phone came in a factory sealed box and is genuine Strix, not the Chinese Tencent edition. I tried to register it, but in MyAsus on the phone i see that the warranty expired on 27.12.2019. How come a new device, manufactured in November have only a month of warranty? Is there a way i can extend it?


  • If you send me your serial number and a copy of the invoice from Amazon, I can manually change your warranty end date. Let me know if you're interested and I can send you a PM.

    That isn't strictly necessary, so long as you keep the invoice you can update that information at any time. Your warranty is valid for 12 months after the date of purchase.

  • Hello, please PM me and i'll send you the details. In case of an RMA (i hope it won't happen) it'll be quicker.

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    @LP_ASUS or @Anders_ASUS can you pm me when you get a chance pls I need to know how to use my warranty for a repair right trigger is malfunctioning my dog accidentally knocked my phone out of my hand so my fan is messed up and also 2 little metal prongs broke off my official Asus charging cord so it doesn't work either I know the warranty doesn't cover the fan and the charger but I need my phone I use it for work too and idk where to start. Anyways the main problem wether I turn the rest ringers setting on it off my left one will stay on as long as I hold it the right one won't react fast enough when I try to double tap for asphalt so I went to cod mobile and when I hold it down no matter the setting it sensitivity it will disappear like I'm not pressing it. Pls back to me ASAP I don't know what to do or how to go about the warranty I have the stickers and the Amazon confirmation I have 12 months.

  • I'll send you a PM.

    Just FYI for the public: Accidental damage is not covered. Neither you nor your dog dropped the phone intentionally, but accidental damage is not covered.

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