Вылетает и не видит связь

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Постоянно вылетает, виснет и начинает бесконечно перезагружаться. Так же вообще не видит связь. Установлено 2 sim. И ни одной не показывает связь. Слава Богу, что хоть sim видит. Но не связь. Весь январь так. Sim устанавливала в планшет, все в порядке, а в телефоне не видит. Несколько раз делала сброс системы - не помогло. Думаю, что это произошло после установки обновлений android 10..


  • If you are having problems which could be related to hardware , please contact your local Asus service center for help.

  • @CH_ASUS What could be causing the swiping stutter on 5Z? It's very hard to use snipers on FPS games, Identity V is causing me headache.

    The touch on 5Z is very choppy. What I don't understand is, when on Android 10, the only swipe with the right behavior was with 3 fingers. When I downgraded to Android 9, 3 fingers is choppy and only 7 is good. (Maybe it's software, could you help us with it?

  • I dont know what could be wrong at this point, it could be something affecting some people due to the update - or it could be related to a particular game's support in Android 10, and anything in between.

    You may try to clear all app and system settings, it may reset whatever is causing it in the background.

  • The problem can best be seen, just as I detected it, playing first and third person games that use the two-thumb control scheme.

    It turns out that when we slide a finger on the screen, the response is 1.5x slower than with 3 fingers, with three or four fingers it's smooth. When we slide two fingers on the screen, not only does the sensitivity decrease, but the latency increases by 2x each. Causing an effect like using a low DPI mouse playing with a sniper on a shooter.

    There's an application on the Play Store called "MultiTouch Tester".

    With the application open:

    Slide one finger on the screen (preferably slowly for a better view of the effect) and notice it's not that smooth.

    Now hold one finger anywhere on the screen, and with another finger, slide slowly as you watch the graphic response to your command stutter.

    With three you should slide it medium speed to see it failing.

    It happens within system, games ... everywhere. Seems like bugs that other brands had but they fixed with an update (e.g. Poco, Huawei ... even Samsung).

    Here are some videos that demonstrate the situation:

    [In order to access the linked pages, please, erase the "space" between "." and "com"!]

    In the first video, a comparison that demonstrates the ZenFone 5's ironic victory over 5Z:

    asuswebstorage. com/navigate/a/#/s/1435B53919794E4AA78D75460C54C191Y

    In the second, a full screen view of how problematic camera control and aiming accuracy become in games:

    asuswebstorage. com/navigate/a/#/s/163CB1AD855942A5BA527606CF450B09Y

    The third, in fact, is a YouTube channel, where videos are posted that demonstrate the same effect to two-touch controls:

    youtube. com/channel/UCNBLUwCXWDjmh4wMft3srrA

    Searching YouTube and ZenTalk isn't hard to find more users having the same problem either. From the reports, it is present in all 5Z, in any version, ever since.

    1) Is it a hardware quality or a firmware problem?

    2) What could be causing this?

    3) Is there a software solution?

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