Zenfone 6 Buzzing when Screen is On & Headphone Jack Output Hissing

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Hi all. I got my ZenFone 6 (ZS630KL) 128GB phone about a month ago, but hadn't really explored it too much as I still use my older phone as well. I have recently noticed several issues/concerns with it. Even after a factory reset (phone had most recent FOTA updates as of posting), they are still there, so I am guessing they are hardware related. I was hoping if anyone could verify if they had similar issues, or if my phone may be defective.

  1. Anytime the screen is turned on, there is a constant quiet high-pitched humming/buzzing coming from the phone that can be heard when the phone is nearby your head (even like 5-10cm away in a quiet room). Seems to originate from the middle of the phone behind the screen (not from the top camera area or bottom speaker area). Sound will stop only once the screen turns off. Other phones/tablets I have do not have any such sounds coming from them. Could this be indicating a future failure on the board?
  2. Whenever the screen turns on or off, there is a rather loud click sound, similar to if you took a picture on a digital camera. I remember seeing some thread that suggested it was the camera moving a step to check its position, but it seems louder than the usual. And not sure if it's related to the other points on this post.
  3. Headphone jack audio issues related to using the 3.5mm headphone jack. Sometimes when listening to music/videos there will be additional very noticeable and annoying static/screeching/interference added. This interference tends to fluctuate and can sometimes be modified by rotating the jack in the socket or moving the headphone wire around. Tends to be more present when audio levels are higher (say over 50-60 percent). Doesn't seem to matter much what headset it is. I was not/ am not using Outdoor Mode or any changes to the equalizer. Whenever inserting/removing the jack there are usually high-pitched screeching sounds louder than any of my other devices. The other concern is loud pop and static sounds when using some headsets like the Bose QC25. When starting playing music/videos there is a loud pop sound, followed by constant noticeable static on top of your audio. When pausing/stopping your music/video there is an additional 2-3 seconds of just static, then a loud pop sound, then silence. Any of these headsets don't have these issues on my other phones/tablets/laptops, it's just the ZenFone 6. There does not appear to be any lint/blockage in the ZenFone's socket. Bluetooth headsets also don't seem to have these issues, but the headphone jack is one of the ZenFone's good points, and I would like it to work properly. There seemed to be another thread with similar issues listed and linked that I'll also link here, that I wasn't sure if it was resolved.

I would greatly appreciate people's thoughts on these. Thanks.


  • 1. Maybe it's from the bottom speaker phone (I don't find that really disturbing) or it's the sound of the motor of the flip camera (if you hear it from the top of your phone).

    2. When your screen is turned on/off, the Flip Camera engages a retraction, this is why your hear that click sound.

    3. I always hear this type of sound on ZF2 and ZF3Deluxe so it seems to be "normal"...

  • The sound/noise related to item 3 is not "normal". Used different other brands in the past and this is the first time i have such kind of problem.

  • For point 1, after listening more to the phone, the sound seems to be coming from the middle of the phone, behind the display. It is not coming from either the top camera area or the bottom speaker area (had phone in different orientations right beside my ear). Will edit the original post to reflect this.

    For point 3, I'm sure it's not normal. Perhaps you meant the part where I said when inserting/removing the jack there are high pitched screeching sounds. Admittedly some devices do have some of this, but it's considerably louder/more fluctuating than other devices, and may have to do with the other parts of that point 3.

    But thanks for the input so far

  • This is what I believe

    1. Hardware issue. Please contact ASUS Support
    2. You have activated Screen locking sounds which can be found in System Settings -> Sound & vibration
    3. Hardware issue. Please contact ASUS Support
  • Thanks Anders! To add to Point 2, the Screen Locking Sounds is/was off, same with all the other Effect Sounds in that section. The click sound can be heard from quite a distance (arms length away +). Perhaps that's also a hardware issue. By contact ASUS support, do you mean to take it into an ASUS service center?

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