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Hi everyone..

Im new here..

I want to share about my experience about security on another device which is already lost the smartphone..

I want to suggest to developer Asus ROG Phone 2 when you press Shutdown button, please add security Pin or fingerprint to confirm Shutdown.. to prevent when you lost the device and cant shutdown.. It helps to search my device or making loud sound to your phone..

I look another phone like another flagship brand it prompt security to confirm when shutdown..

Thanks for attention..


  • when someone has raised the concern about acces of notification panel while in lock screen @CH_ASUS just gave an shit explanation. I think it will be the same answer to your concern also. He just says it will detect your device after he switchs on the mobile or don't lost your phone keep it safe. It was the answer given by him in previous thread.

    What is the use of mobile switching on after a 5 days or one month of stolen.?

  • They should just add on option which helps the users to access notification panel on lock screen or not and pin required to shutdown or not in their perspective settings. So the users who are interested will use that and not interested people just switches it off.

  • then why they have introduced rog ui / zenui blah blah. Custom android skin is running on top of the every asus so they can add a feature which helps the some of the users.

  • Even other skins like OOS have this behaviour

    Plus this is not something many are bothered about so why would they change it

  • oos has doesn't give access to notification panel when we turned on in the settings

  • Yes.. thats will be very helpful.. if many user didnt want to use it just switch off the option..

    In my country if smartphone is stolen, they know will turn off first to prevent location tracking.. and after smartphone stolen they can easy format from the first reboot after remove simcard from tray.. and no connection at all... They dont need simcard or data.. they can sell to market to earn money..

    Block IMEI is not possible in my country too.. they will say, "we cant block the IMEI because we dont have regulation to this or to that.. bla bla bla"

    The point is they cant block IMEI.. so if my smartphone ROG is lost.. bye bye forever.. because they can easy turn off or shutdown to prevent location tracking..

  • Well yeah i agree with your opinion @adijaya.utama88

    I think devs should add fingerprint or pin options for confirm shutdown so that if stolen the thief wont be able to shutdown phone

    Also in case if battery runs out and if the theif try to charge phone, the phone should automatically be turned on. So that he won't get any chance to enter recovery mode

    Why i suggest this is bcuz if the phone is shut down due to low power then the theif might be able to factory reset through recovery mode

    Also some users like me prefer to turn off location for better battery life

    So incase of wrong attempts of password add feature to enable location automatically and plz when screen is locked why does notification panel can still be dragged down? It shouldn't appear in locked state

  • It is possible to add this feature. Most features are possible and I will forward your request to our devs but every change we make from standard android, and especially a change like this one, will require extra effort for every update. A higher risk of bugs. This is why phone vendors in general are a bit conservative with adding a lot of features that only a handful of users request.

    We do know that some of you want this and I fully understand why. It's not a stupid request by any means. But even if you could enable the phone to require pin to power off and even if you could disable the quick menu from lock screen, you're not getting your phone back unless it's an unprofessional thief. The thief will be long gone before you find them and after a while, the signal will be lost. They can simply place it in a metal box until the power runs out.

    I will forward your request and we will consider it but as I explained, no promises can be made.

  • Any updates on this ?? It's a really useful feature especially in india where many thief's are unprofessional. @CH_ASUS @Anders_ASUS

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