[Feature Request] Keep flip camera open for longer

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Would it be possible to add a feature where the flip camera is able to stay open for longer in an app? Basically in apps like snapchat the camera is flipping quite often since after taking a snap the camera will flip back and will need to be flipped again to take another one.

Could an option be added in settings maybe where the user could set a delay on the flip or perhaps an option to keep the camera open in specific apps while the app is open, like how you choose with location in android 10.

This would help prolong the life of the mechanism as well since the camera won't have to flip as often.



  • yes and Instagram also, after we take selfie story, then we see our preview, the camera flip back, and it needs flip again when we want to make selfie story again. when when we just want to try many new filter, the camera flip often just because the transition between take-preview-back-take-preview-back

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    Basically it happens in all third party apps. When you switch from capturing window, even for previews, it flips out.

    Actually, it should be made like, keep the camera flipped unless we switch the app.

  • Yep this is exactly what it needs to be. This is the default behaviour in the camera app, if you view photos in app while the camera is flipped it does not flip back down.

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    I would greatly appreciate if it would be possible for each third-party camera application to preset whether to use the main camera as a selfie camera and vice versa.

    The phone would de facto lie and tell the app, "I'm a selfie camera" while it will be the main camera so the Flip camera will remain retracted.

    I would then switch cameras directly in the application only if I really needed it.

  • These are good suggestions. I'll pass them to the team for review. Thank you!

  • Thank you! This was my only real annoyance with the software so I hope to see it implemented in a further update.

    Thank you for listening to feedback and being transparent on here, the direction of the software is so much better!

  • @LP_ASUS any update on this being added? I really believe it should be an essential part of the software to help preserve the life of the flip camera.

  • I only have to power to suggest. ;) Those decisions don't filter back down to me until I read the patch notes.

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