Rog phone 2 USB port is not working

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Hi ,

I am trying to connect my head set using USB connector and it is not working. I thought it should be because you show in advertisement that you can use USB type c as a head ph jack through connector of course.

I see there are many users are facing the same issue. Please help me to resolve this.


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    Is this issue?

    1 type c port was working with my headphone but the bottom one was not working.

    I tried servral time to connect my headphone with bottom port(type c) but its not working with that port.

    I'm using samsung note 10 type c headphone.

  • I am planning to buy the cetra.. I need to know this.

  • I don't know about the Samsung Note 10 earphones but I can assure that ASUS ROG Cetra works in both ports.

    The problem with USB C to 3.5mm adapters is that they are all different. Some have built in DAC, some do not. Some DACs might not be compatible even though you think there should be some standard.

    All Android phones face the same issue because they are all built differently. This in combination with chinese manufacturers that want to make as cheap adapters as possible creates a big issue for normal consumers that don't know that there's no standard.

  • i have using wireless gaming headset as USB-A dongle connect to my rog phone 2 with USB-C OTG support converter. it work for both port.

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