No update even after 3 months of beta testing

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Where the hell is Android 10 update? Probably the only flagship phone still waiting for Android 10 update where Android 11 has already been spotted.

What is the point of spending ₹38k if you are not able to deliver ? Do you expect your customers to stay loyal to you ?


  • just chill and wait! with or without Android 10 i personally so pleased with ROG phone 2 as it is

    as long as there will be android 10 for rog phone , let them take as much time needed before they release it

    No one wants updates full of bugs ?.

  • Present software has notification bugs and also lack some useful features.

  • Exactly.

    Maybe this delay to make sure your satisfied with the update :).

  • I'm sorry but we have different point of view. Did you look at how OnePlus push updates, and the feature set they provide in there phones

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    Explain the term feature set to me pal ( do enlighten me what features oneplus has that Asus doesn't ?)

    I'm on a Zenfone 5z (a 2018 phone)

    Got android 10 in November and i am on January patch right now

    Zenfones are easier to update compared to Rog that's the thing

    If you bought Rog 2 to get speedy updates you purchased the wrong phone pal

    And do tell me how many OEMs send their gaming phones to devs?

    How many gaming phones get development?

    Rog 2 is a powerhouse pal (Armory crate, RGB sync what not)

    They have to double check all the accesories and stuff before issuing a big update ( the beta has been going fluid so far for Rog 2)

    Tell me do other "gaming oriented" phones like blackshark 2 and Red magic 3 have an ETA for android 10 yet?

    Btw Zen UI based on android 10 is smooth and fluid (I've been using it for like 2 months now )

    It'll be worth the wait that's all i can say :D

  • What is the difference between update this phone and others? Just because it have better spec's doesn't say it harder? Computer run windows update direct when they come out and it's so much more specs then on phone... or maybe it's just that the dev team is not fitting for this work?

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    There's a lot more stuff on the rog that aren't in normal phones. They need all accessories to work properly, the rgb logo, armoury crate, game genie, the second usb-c, even the 120hz screen needs configurations to not glitch and fluctuate between different resolutions. After all that comes the normal day-to-day stuff and bugs of normal phones. So chill out. OnePlus except new 7t series was full of bugs in it's other phones running a10. Release delay with less bugs is better than a quick one which hampers the user experience.

  • Please don't ask me not to expect quicker updates, Asus is not doing charity here, I've paid a premium for premium service.

    If you they don't want to provide, they can clearly ask me, next time I'll look for other options, lots of options are out there.

  • It's not that I don't appreciate the features in this phone, but I expect better service.

  • Why is it so funny to read comments sometime, you can get romes with a10 that work almost 100% for this phone from people that do this for free and don't have the resources that Asus have and still are faster. I just think this is funny. Asus maybe doing the biggest update ever made and that's why they are so slow.. who knows.

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    Yes lots of option out there with an headphone jack,two type c slots,PD 3.0 support,Ufs 3.0,air triggers,the ability to oc cpu,gpu,fan speed for individual games and being able to share custom profiles ?

    Plus RGB,120hz,6000mah battery,two front facing stereo speakers ( which even beat the hell out of a macbook)

    And the option of a Stock+UI in a gaming oriented device

    Tell me how many gaming phones get development?

    Android 10 beta programs?

    I say again Rog's usp isn't faster updates it's the raw power and superior technical specs it offers than the rest of the phones in the market

    Nothing even comes close

    With X mode on this thing is a powerhouse

    So if you bought this device to get the latest android versions first or something like that sorry to break it to you , you purchased the wrong phone ?

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    Dude i don't even wanna waste my time explaining to you guys the difference between normal and "gaming oriented" phones

    Yes Rog 2 still beats the shit out of mainstream flagships

    Just fyi Asus's both 2018 and 2019 flagships are on android 10 with the latest January patch cos they aren't as nearly as complex as Rog and are much more easier to update

    Btw max pro series android 10 should drop in Feb :)

    Why? Cos it runs pure vanilla android with little to no modifications on top

    Rog 2 update too should be here anytime now

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    Plus you guys like comparing to oneplus right?

    So here's an cue :

    Oneplus 6/t 7/t had an buggy android 10 update with a hell lot of broken things

    Plus the so called flagships by oneplus including the 7/t/pro are still on November patch ?

    Meanwhile both asus's 2018/2019 flagships are on Jan patch with stable android 10 based on Zen UI 6

    So the wait will be worth the while that's all i have to say :D

  • Did you know they had a buggy android 10 update and had to revert from the official release just cause they hurried the process ? I assume you dont

  • Just cause you paid premium doesnt mean you get what you want does it ? Its like you pay for insurance and the next day you want the claim ? Talk some sense sir

  • Name an a10 rom for rog 2 ? If you think thats the case .

  • Was android 10 launched yesterday ? Am I asking too much by asking for update after waiting for 3 months ?

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