Kunai Gamepad Input Delay

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Hello Asus,

I noticed that there's a 0.5 second input delay from time to time when using the left and right analog joysticks or even the buttons e.g. playing PUBG, the sensitivity is inconsistent and imprecise; or for Mobile legends, your hero suddenly moves to enemy tower a bit and dies. Though sometimes it works properly, but 40% of the time the issue occurs and it's unacceptable. I already searched for every possible option or tweak but to no avail. For now, I refrain from using the gamepad because it's killing the game.

Please advise or hope we have a firmware update fix for this one soon.



  • Ok, where do we start?

    So you say 60% of the time, you don't notice any lag? Is this correct?

    Do you notice the same lag regardless if you're using the kunai bumper or holder?

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    Hello Anders,

    Glad to see your presence sir and I appreciate the swift response.

    Apologies for being unclear. Yes, the 40% lag chance is triggered based on every second movement using the analog joysticks. It's like dealing with a rubber band that no matter where you point the direction, it doesn't stay the same way if the 40% lag chance triggers. There is always a tiny gap that your cursor isn't pointed at the right position for first shooting games, while there's a wrong direction movement delay on your character for RPG games. Also for the buttons, you need to spam press each of these to make sure it will work, because the 40% lag chance for every second is also present.

    Due to this lag issue, you won't be able to predict the next movement your game character does for even just a tiny bit of second especially you are dealing with real time strategy games; same goes to 1st shooting games and might end up losing the match.

    Btw, there is no lag when using the ROG Phone 2 touch screen alone/or the phone itself; but only the Kunai Gamepad is lagging whether you use the bumper or the holder, both have the same lag issues.

    Looking forward to hearing from you soon.


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    Sorry about the late reply. Please quote this message or write @Anders_ASUS to make sure I see it.

    Is it possible for you to show this lag/error in some way by recording both the kunai and phone display at the same time (maybe with another phone)? Preferably in a way so that we can see in which direction you're pulling the joystick.

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