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I am wondering if this 2 apps are parallel to OS update? or is there some different updates for this two?


  • What I know it's in the OS update, and my point of view it's terrible idea and should get side updates so new funktions and so on can get updated faster.

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    i agree.. but those things are not in the playstore. and asus doesn't have a store. so i dont think they will have a side update besides OS update.

  • Yeah I don't think so either, but we will see maybe in the future if we are lucky.

  • but it will really be of help if they consider updating it from time to time.. we all know there are tons of fix and tune up to think off. also for the camera i mean... it has great specs on paper. it just needs a good software for good output.

  • True, true. They are far from good but maybe one day they realise that if they don't show love to the devise and give what they should do people will look away and find other companies. I start to lose interest and if they don't wake up soon this will be the last phone I buy from them, it's not only the phone the accessories to it is not something you can say is good. And the forum seems like a joke, people reports bugs and stuff they will have but it depends if the devs want to add it or not and if they will add it you need to wait minimum 3 month..

  • I think they really need to put some effort on updating and fixing software issues for user satisfaction. It is like aftersales care. I know what is installed already is good but seriously there are still room for improvements i must say.

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