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I'm using this rog phone 2 and suddenly I notice tht some part of mobile get some cuts even I'm using case tht provide by asus and that cut increasing day bay day without any reason i need help wht should i do? I'm attaching some pictures can. They said strongest phone but the build of this phone I'm shocked. Never get hit by anything .


  • I don't see any impact damage. That appears to be grime/dirt stuck in a gap between two metal panels. Try taking a toothpick or a metal sewing needle to very gently clean the groove out.

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    No no it's not dust it's small small cuts when i see first time i think its dust but when i touch tht part i feel there is a small cuts and tht goes increasing day by day and I'm 100%sure it's not dust it's cuts and it's increasing without any reason

    And tht cut is on lower frame not on tht back glass it's feels very disappointing I'm using asus mobile seem from asus zenfone laser series in between i change to asus selfie and now this but till now i never face such built problem I'm big fan of asus so pls don't disappoint me

    Pls help me asus what should i do for tht

  • It's gap you idiot... What u mean cut...There is gap between back glass and metal grill where it is joined by glue.... So dirt gets stuck in that gap...even my phone has this. This shouldn't happen but its not crack or damage or bad build quality just badly connected

  • I know very well the difference between gap and gust k it's not gust it's a cut when i touch tht part it's feels tht cuts k i don't know about ur phone but in my phone it's cut and its dust thn how color goes off from tht part ?

  • I agree its just dust even my device has the same. But if you say you know very well the difference so go ahead and ask for a refund or replacement from asus. No point in criticising others on what they know

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    Ha that y i clearly mention asus not anyone else because if u seen my uploaded photos u observed there Is small small color off frrom tht part

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    I recommend you to take both your phone, case and whatever other accessory you might use to the nearest ASUS Service Center and have them examine them. There's not much we can say from looking at pictures. Only someone with the device in their hand and your full description of how you have handled it can make a judgement if it's a warranty case or not.

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    There is no need for such language!

    I would say if it is a cut, there must be some sharp object doing it. I have the phone since October and it looks like new from the factory. I am very careful with the phone, as I have no screen protector and just a very open case that came with it.

  • Same I'm also not using any screen protector and I'm using it very carefully but it's not by anyone sharp objects because day by day it's going increasing without any reason ?

  • Same here man every 10 mins I look at it to see that its safe :)

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    I don't know what to say. Best check with repair center. Maybe it's a manufacturing mistake, as you say it's not dirt.

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