Something I noticed about the Air Triggers...

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When I wanted to test out to functionality of the Air Triggers in an FPS game called 'Pixel Gun 3D', I noticed that when I held down one of the triggers before tapping on the screen, my movements and button response doesn't react except for the button assigned under the Air Trigger. But when I move my view with my finger held down on screen, while before using the trigger, it doesn't intercept with my character movement until I let go of my finger (from screen, not the one on the Air Trigger). Is it suppose to be like this or am I misunderstanding something?


  • This behaviour is tied to the game but it's definitely a bug that shouldn't happen. I'll let our devs know. Thank you!

  • Nevermind, the problem IS tied to the game. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  • This was happening to me in pubg when i open scope... Its a pain in the butt ☹️

  • Aah... Feelsbadman

  • Sometimes, the air trigger function won't work as intended if the developer has made it impossible to move the screen while tapping in a specific area. If we take Pixel Gun 3D as an example. The developer requires you to press and then slide your finger to fire while aiming. If you press and then slide around with a second finger, it won't work. There's no way around this

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