Rog Phone 2 bugs - any solutions?

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I have a Rog Phone 2 (12gb RAM /512gb ROM version) purchased from the UK store and I am experiencing couple of bugs to which I have not discovered a solution or a work around and was wondering maybe you could help.

1. After launching a game/app within the first 5 minutes, the app / phone GUI crashed and i have to re-launch the app. This is randomly happening.

2. After I close a game and press the indisplay "main" button and select "clear all" the apps (on double check there are no apps running); if i lock the phone from the button and unlock the phone using the fingerprint, the phone automatically launches the last game that I was in. This happens quite frequently and it drives me crazy.

3. I believe there are network WiFi issues while within a game as quite frequent when launching a game, it tries to connect to google play on start which fails quite frequently with a message like "fail to connect". Or if you have for example in game purchases or options to watch adds for different benefits those adds are not loaded by the phone and an app restart is required for those adds to load. (I know some people like this but i guess it comes to preferences)

4. If the phone is switched from 120hz to 60hz or 90hz you get random application lags and sometime the screen freezes although there is nothing else using the memory.

5. Screen lowest brightness setting is still very bright although having the "night light" option on, if you wake up in the middle of the night it.s like a torch.

6. The fingerprint scanner is very slow and fails a lot; the fingerprint scanner icon during the night times is very bright as well.

I am wondering if you guys are aware of those issues and already working on them or if there is any work around?

Thanks and looking forward to hear back from you.


  • I can help with some, but others will have to chime in for the rest.

    1) Does this happen in multiple games apps? Or just one? What firmware version are you on?

    5) This is the behavior of the panel. Unfortunately that's just the way it is.

    6) I would recommend relogging your fingers if the scanner fails frequently. Perhaps it didn't capture a good enough imprint at the beginning.

    The light being bright is necessary for the phone to see your finger, there is no way to adjust that.

  • If no one has a workaround for the previous issues, we can log your phone to see what's going on. There may be some answers floating around.

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    1) I've seen it happening on CoD, Elder Scrolls of Blades, Asphalt 9, Shadowgun Legends, Facebook.

    Actually yesterday I had issue number 2 reoccurring. I was playing Shadowgun Legends, exit the game, cleared all the application, waited 3 seconds and the game started launching, once again, closed the game, cleared the apps, waited another 3 secs and game was loading in. It happened around 4 times before it stopped.

    Sure you can go ahead with the logs if you provide instructions on what is required.

  • We have two options. 1 Either we wait for Android Q which will be released soon and hopefully it will fix your issues.

    2 Or, we log your device and hope it will show us why this is happening to you

    I can send you a PM with instructions on how to log your phone so you decide

  • Is there an ETA for Android Q? I am not asking fon an exact day but is it like within the next month, 6 months, one year?

    If you guys think that is more than 3 months then please send me a PM to see if you can get something from the phone logs.


  • When the mods say soon it usually means within a month.

  • Just received a reply to your issue and they say it will get fixed in Android Q. Which will be soooooon. Very soon ;) Not 6 months, not 3 months, maybe not even a month. But not tomorrow, a little longer, just a little. :)

  • That is great, thanks for the update, i.ll be looking forward to Android Q.

  • Me too as I and many others are having same issues, I bought this device just for games so if this issues remains I will want to return it. Such a shame if so as it's a beautiful device.

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