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I AM RIGHT NOW AT ANDROID 10 BETA 6 when this happened. I suspected that the GPU suddenly stops working for unknown reason. So here is what happened, I was playing PUBGM for about 1 hour or more probably 2-3 games and i notice some things on game is not working. Like a vehicle wont load and things like that. then i stop playing because i thought it was a bug. then after i restarted i tried to show my friend the crazy thing that happened in game. but when i tried watching my video on the gallery app and the video just freeze and wont play at all.. I tried watching a video on youtube and facebook and it freeze too... i was thinking that the phone's gpu just fail.. I also tried launching other games but when i play CODM at the start before logging in the video at the background won't play it just on freeze... I thought my powerful phone was already done. I turn it off and let it cooldown for a bit. i tried recording a video... the video that i just record can't be played it just freeze like a photo.. I was in the brink of factory resetting my phone... but i didn't reeset it... i waited for a while and turn it off.. Just now i turned it back again..then after booting up the problem still persist... but like after 5-10 minutes and it works fine again i mean the playing videos on gallery and youtube... I didn't PLAY GAMES for now coz im scared that i might destroy this powerful phone.. should i be alarmed of this?. could someone explain to me what just happened? i never experienced it with my past phones.. Hope someone could enlighten me of what just happened. Hope the dev team can use this for their upcoming fixes and stuff.. Could you help me on this @Anders_ASUS ?


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