Asus zenfone 5z incoming call delay and dialer issues!

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The calling screen for incoming calls appears a second later than the caller hears the phone ring. As a result we are unable to get very short missed calls as the phone starts ringing a second later.

Also call history still shows icons for dialled calls only. Please update the dialer and fix these issues. Additionally asus dialer is the only dialer that does not show contact images in the contacts app. And has no spam call filter either. Please improve the dialer as it is missing too many must haves.

Thank you!


  • Incoming call delay is present in my phone too. The calling screen appears few seconds after the call is connected!

  • Not just that, what is the point of having a custom dialer if that provides nothing extra compared to Google's stock app. Asus contacts and dialer is a downgrade, it has got bugs, doesn't have caller id or spam protection, does not have native video calling, does not have vo-wifi.

    I mean I get it why Samsung, Xiaomi, Oppo are giving custom dialer apps. They have caller id and spam protection, vo-wifi, vi-lte and other upgrades. If you guys cannot give an upgrade at least do not downgrade the performance. We already have stock messages app from google, provide the dialer and contacts too please. Will save time, effort, money and not hamper the customer experience.


    cc: @Anders_ASUS @laura

  • I have the same incoming call delay issue. The delay is 4 seconds minimum:( what should i do?

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