Asus weather App taking so much space for adds

sameerjc19sameerjc19 Level 1
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App taking so much space for adds


  • App taking so much space for adds due to this it's very difficult to view any activity very bad experience.

  • It's not app but Accuweather website opened in your browser. I don't see any ad in system weather app.

  • survivor303survivor303 Level 2
    edited January 2020

    Yep Asus weather app is only a frontend application for Accuweather, if you press more information, it will launch the accuweather website where is more details about your weather.

    Perhaps asus can make a deal with accuweather that links from Asus application can be ad free, but then it up the end user prices, so this deal is better moneywise. Sure Application stores are full of different weather applications which can be ad free, try them.

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