!DEVS! Please and fix the camera!

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Video quality is just BAD, under 50 mb bitrate is just wrong.

If you dosnt want to work with the video side of the camera, then open the apis for other applications like Open Camera so it can take control all of the features what the camera offers.

Open Camera allows change the bitrate but Asus is locked the framerate to 30fps max. So do at least that, and open the framerate requests!

With open camera and 90mb bitrate, we can see the difference, just try it! It is free and opensource camera application.


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    Not sure what you mean about less than 50mbs and 30fps. This is video from the stock app. Not capped for me. If you mean it's capped in other apps then I can't comment on that.

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    AVC and HEVC both gets most of the time, under 50mbs on Fullhd with 60fps.

    Quality is terrible with artifacts, noise and all. 4K dosnt help either.

    The problem is bitrate related because why opencamera can do better quality with avc and hevc.?

    And with widelens video, it is terrible. Too smooth, like it have somekind of "beauty" filter on all the time.

    There isnt problems if Asus just can open that fps lock.

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    Video quality is not BAD. I don't know where you got this from but I guess you're trying to make a point and exaggerate to get some intention?

    Our camera team has concluded that our bitrate yields the best performance per megabyte in bitrate. Sure, doubling the bitrate will be better but not worth the extra space. Should we have included a manual bitrate setting? Well that's a different discussion. It's always hard to find that perfect combination of how many settings you should offer and still be able to keep it simple enough for the average user.

    About the open camera 30fps limit. This is the app, not us. We have camera 2 api "full" support, same as Pixel 4, which enables higher framerate than 30fps. To my knowledge you won't see higher than 30fps with open camera on ANY phone running android 10. So, please, contact the developer. There's nothing we can do about this.

  • yes please include a manual bitrate setting, for anyone who doesn't want bothered with bitrate, just add "Default" like default in video mode.

    @Anders_ASUS @LP_ASUS

  • I have contacted the developer and the problem is same as you say, with every phone but not because of his code, but because camera drivers. So the problem is with Sony. We dont know where to contact on sony about this.. but i think that Asus knows?

    And Open Camera is open source, I think that nobody take it bad, if Asus gets their engineers to work with it :) at least, it rocks on PR \o/

    Lets fix these issues together and make z6 and its successors best phone for seriously video recording! It has almost all the elements, hardware is right, idea with flip is super.. but lag of some basic needs is in the drop zone :/

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