Add Kunai key remap!!

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Where is the key mapning for the bottoms not for the screen touch mode?!?! Atlest i want to be able to remap the keys.


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    Are you talking about the M1 and M2 buttons? And what do you want to "remap" them to? I believe you have mentioned before that you want them to be recognized as Start & Select. If this is what you want then I can't say more than that I have already forwarded your request and that I haven't received any further information

  • AIXIAIXI Level 1

    Any news on this??

    The kunai gamepad is pretty much useless in its current state. A controller without start/select buttons just made that almost any controller compatible game can not be played.

    I bought the kunai gamepad a few month ago I still can not play a single game with it, as I say before all the games or platforms, like xcloud, that I try need start/select buttons (like 99% of the controller compatible games) and a controller without them is useless.

  • NoixNoix Level 2
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    I use Google stadia and I have to use a cheap ipega, I can't use the Kunai gamepad, its useless without the select/start buttons.

  • AIXIAIXI Level 1


    We are still waiting for a reply. In some post you said that this request was already being disccused but since then there is no other reply.

    I can not see a single post in the forum with a good opinion of he kunai controller but a lot of them that indicate that is rather useless, since the mobile ROG phone 3 is just around the corner I have the felling that ROG just made an overprice and completely useless controller and then it abandon all the buyers that actually purchase it.

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