Beta 6 - List of Bugs.

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Beta 6 - List of bugs

Notifications in the status bar are dismissed very late, about 2 seconds.

The audio stops working randomly, it happened to me 2 times on this release, previously also on the other beta, especially on the second and third, but unfortunately still present (spotify and youtube yesterday)

When the screen was turned on again, it remained black for at least 5-6 seconds. Then he recovered by showing the lockscreen. Also occurr while watching a video on youtube, the screen turned off, I go to turn it back on but it came back on very late (3-4 seconds).

There is no mode present on all other devices:

allow you to see notifications coming, not showing sensitive content. By showing sensitive content only when the face is recognized, but always remaining in the lockscreen, avoiding access to the home (turning on subsequently with a simple slide, having been recognized). Unfortunately, the system only allows you to access the home automatically.

Autorotation mode often fails to return to portrait mode.

In the quick toggles the titles of the individual toggles, if very long, scroll automatically (bt connection, Mobile Data etc.) but I noticed that instead the toggle screen refresh rate, goes back cutting the word "a-ggiornamento" (in Italian) and it does not flow. After some time it works normally with scrolling text. Bug is present from the beta 1.

In the dark mode many notifications have black text on a black background and are illegible (telegram and some games). Same thing for some items within the battery stats (AndroidOS, Phone Idle) and some system icons are black on a black background.

During a call, face unlock does not work.

List of features I'd like to see:

Improved AOD, more customizable and with much more minimal styles available.

Automatic spam blocking, similar to samsung.

Accent color system modifiable.


  • Notifications dismissed in status bar "late" is not a bug, it is part of the Stock Android changes introduced in December 2019 security patch.

    Face Unlock to show sensitive notifications on lock screen toggle is present and has been in the same place. Swipe up to go to home screen after the face unlock.

    No Face unlock during a call - known and not new.

    Battery stats, certain stock android icons are still black - Part of Stock Android bug, we've raised to Google.

    As the ROG2 forum is not the place to discuss BETA issues I've also closed this thread , but I'll leave it up as there's no need to hide it.

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