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Please try to add swipe Functionality in the file manager to access Internal and external storage. As of now, we have an options to move between internal and External through clicking home icon and then changing the storage or clicking three line icon at the top left and choose the storage. But if you add swipe functionality it is very helpful for us to use the application.


  • Thank you! I'll make sure to forward this request

  • Try to use Mi file manager from Xiaomi.. its much much better..and its there on google play store as well..

  • @GamerArc, Many thanks for providing your suggestion. I have seen and had experience in MI. But Asus File manager is giving better experience and ease of us for me. Apart from few improvements, I like the Asus Filemanager. That's why logging my needy here. If you have any suggestions to improve it try to post it here.

    Thank You once again.

  • For years I am using on my Android / Chromebook devices these two file managers complementary. There are both the best of breed hands down. But to be honest, they are not suitable for beginners. That's why there are simple file managers like the one from Asus.

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    @_jis_ , Am I asked anyone to suggest the best File explorer? Default app is more than enough for me. I'm expecting few more improvements in the app. Thats it. So please stay away and stop giving such a useless solutions to me. Indeed, I'm never gonna try any other file manager.

    But thanks for posting your suggestions. Great Day. :)

  • f you have any suggestions to improve it try to post it here.

    Ok, I am sorry I misunderstood this, that's why I posted my experience.

    PS: We rarely see real improvements to embedded applications. Therefore, a tip for the best third-party apps can be helpful, though not for you, but for other users.

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    Don't expect any changes in the stock file browser. The UI is based on stock android so its supposed to be the way it is. It does not need any additional features or improvements and won't likely get it unless google natively bakes such changes in their android software.

    Asus does not tinker unnecessarily with stock android apps.

    I seriously recommend Mi file manager by Xiaomi if you feel that Asus's file manager is unable to fulfill your requirements.

  • Asus does not tinker unnecessarily with stock android apps.

    Sure, but Asus's own file manager is not part of stock Android. So Asus has a completely free hand to make any changes to his application.

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