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I have rog 2, 8 gb varient and i was so excited for this phone but now i am turning against it slowly because.. This phone hangs and restarts often. PUBG is the main reason i bought this phone but now its been only run pubg on mobile data ... I have 40MBPS connection wifi but whenever i try playing pubg.. on wifi it always shows no response from server... If by any chance i manage to get in to a game... Game lags is so high... that i cant play game. I tried reinstalling PUBG .. i tried format phone 2 times... I tried resetting my wifi router but Hell this phone doesn't allow me play pubg...

Any solution or should Hammer and garbage this beautiful Paper weight.


  • Have you tried on another WiFi? Maybe your router doesn't like your ROG Phone 2 for some reason?

  • Thank you so much for reply sir. Actually I have not tried other wifi but, onsame network.. my other device Google pixel xl and Samsung note 8 are working like normal.. no issue with network or ping in Pubg

  • I expected you to say that but I still want to rule out any incompatibility between the phone and your wifi so we know where to look

  • No there has been no issue since 1 month and now it has arise.... Mean while my other phones are working normally on same wifi network. .. i am really frustrated. Kindly help

  • Silly question but have you double checked that you haven't accidently restricted wifi data for PUBG?

    Go to system settings -> advanced -> Mobile Manager -> Data usage -> Control app data usage -> Check PUBG Mobile that it has Cellular background data and wifi enabled

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    I do have the same problem.even though, I tried your suggestion ,it still works like sh*t!!!!

  • Actually i am having same issue with my jio fiber router with 250 mbps speed and i tried airtel fiber connection too with 100 mbps down and 100 mbps up speed and both are having pubg loading issue and heavy desync between me and my connection to server like when i come in cover ingame i still get killed by the enemy while in cover. Never faced these type of issue when first bought rog 2 and oneplus devices. If its the game that just dont like rog phones then its unserstandable but in my opinion its the phone's update itself ruining the phone.

    Please provide a downgrade file to least version of the phone, update which was back in september 25 2019. I will be more than happy to use this phone in its glory and not hold back on anything.

  • Hi @hemantsony1989

    I was also facing same problem,but it got resolved. I have done something, I am not remembering it exactly now. But I faced another problem too, like voice glich over wifi. If I connect to mobile data,voice chat on pubg is enabled but if I go with wifi, I was not able to do voice chat with frnds.

    Then I changed my settings of wifi from DHCP to static and assigned a static IP in phone. Problem of voice chat has been resolved by this.

    You can try this if it is helpfull in your case too.

  • sam problam kise kiya pubg wifi mai problsm karta hai aur awaj be nahi aati parsan kar rakha hai

  • wifi main esha ho jata hai rog 2 grapic he nahi dikte

    kya hai pata nahi aur loding mai atak jata hai


  • It won't work on jio wifi at all, try playing it on other operator like airtel or vi , it will work as it used to before the ban . Only jio has not allowed this game to run so this is the reason you are facing graphics and mic issue . Enter the game with other operator mobile data or wifi once , you can turn your jio wifi back on when you can hear your team mates , but after the game ends you have to again turn on mobile data and turn off jio wifi for voice .

    Thankyou .

  • Pubg is banned so stop playing it.. DONT BLAME rog 2...

    This issue is because of pubg ban...

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