FM radio with sound distorted

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After upgrading to Android 10 the FM radio, the sound is distorted.


  • First time I hear of this. I guess I would try and see what happens if I clear the storage of both the FM Radio apps/services and the two AudioWizard app/services

    Go to system settings -> apps & notifications -> see all xxx apps -> press show system in the top right three dot menu -> search for fm RADIO and audiowizard. You will find two of each. Enter each one -> Storage & Cache -> Clear Storage

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    I can confirm the comment by ykaro.36. And what's more, the signal disappears (at times) totally for 5-6 secs and then reappears inexplicably. I've never encountered such issues im my previous Zenfone 2 & Zenfone 3 (running perfectly). Same issues with my previous Zenfone 5...

    P.s. clear cache hasn't solved.

  • Then I would like to log your phone in order to find out why

  • I too can confirm that this is an issue with 6z from the day I've purchased the phone. FM radio works fine for the first few mins (5 to 8 mins) and then suddenly the sounds becomes distorted/muffled until you restart the radio altogether. Same problem repeats after every few mins.

    The reason this issue might not have been reported before is because usage of FM radio is on the decline due to music streaming services being easily available and ad-free. We have a group of 500 users of 6z on telegram. 3 other users have confirmed that this problem exists.

  • Ok, I've done the job you requested to me, but I was unable to share it/transfer through the icon "attachment" placed below. Impossible.

    p.s I'm located in Italy.

  • I don't need the folder, just the file inside. You can find it via file manager -> internal storage -> enter save_log folder -> enter the folder with the log I need -> press the icon of the xxxxxxx.tar file -> press more -> share -> Drive

  • dear asus-team

    i want to report this issue too since i am waiting for a fix since day one and i find it hard to believe that the issue is not even admitted so far. let alone a fix announced.

    the bug was introduced with the first ad10 build already and has been there with every new update.

    please fix this asap. using fm-radio alot and it really bugs me out.

    don't ask for logs from customers when you can test and log yourself since it is not a hardware but a software issue. with ad9 rom it worked perfectly for everyone.

    two issues:

    initial start of fm-radio sometimes needs 2-3 start-close operations to even get audio output. and when it finally outputs audio, after 2-3s it gets really muffled (not pleasing at all to listen to).

    tried factory resets and rom reflash.. nothing helps.

    downgraded to ad9 just to check and it works perfectly.

    please admit and announce a fix.

    thanks for it in advance.

  • I performed this procedure but without success.

  • You're assuming we encounter the same issue just because you and some others experience it all the time. This is not the case and this is why we need help from you and ykaro.36g

    I can PM you as well with instructions on how to log your device

  • Let's do like this. Install the log tool as described in my PM. Then you record the sound using the screen recorder. Make sure the "Record audio" setting is set to Internal Audio. You can access these settings by long pressing the screen recorder button.

    Please record what it sounds like both when it sounds like normal and distorted/muffled.

    When you have recorded both, please press the "Capture Log To MTP" button in the log tool.

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    I confirm the same problem.

  • This sample whit android 9. The sound is perfect.

  • I've had this issue too ever since I updated to android 10. Hoping for it to get fixed with the next update.

  • Until they solve the problem, I prefer to stay with Android 9. I hope they at least understand what we're talking about.

  • Finally with the latest update (129) the problem has been solved.

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