Always On Display (AOD) for Zenfone 6?

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Hi all!

I don't know if this has been discussed already, but could it be possible to include the AOD (always on display) function in the further updates?

I know that the Zenfone 6 is equipped with an IPS screen (that was one of the reasons why I chose it) and IPS screens consume more power for the AOD. But then again, they do not burn-in as OLED screens do and the Zenfone 6 has a huge battery.

I am totally OK to spend extra 5% of the battery life in exchange for the AOD which looks nice and provides information.


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    Thank you for the answer!

    For me it sounds kinda strange. If a function exists it can be turned off for those who do not want an excessive battery drain. If a user turns it on, usually the OS shows a disclaimer about battery life.

    Also there exist examples of AOD function for IPS screens: LG G series (G4, G5, G6) has it.

  • LG G6 uses high grade IPS which the black can be really really dim (i tested it in dark room), while Zenfone 6 uses IPS lower than LG G6 has, because the black really shining (not deep).

    Don't forget that LG G6 is real flagship, and Zenfone 6 is budget flagship, consider the price given, Zenfone 6 half of the price (launch price), it's totally ok if we don't get AOD. So i hope no other request asking about AOD.


  • The LG G6 launch price was 650$, hardly double of Z6's 500$ launch price. Also, what's wrong with asking for features? If it's a bad feature suggestion or something too hard to implement then fine, but everyone should be able to express their opinion.

  • I have to chime in. It's not a bad feature idea, I would personally never use it, but if someone else does want it, whats wrong with that? Features can turned on/off depending on what you want so having more options is never a bad thing. Unless of course an less popular feature is added instead of a more popular one, but you get the point.

    I think it's unlikely we'll get AOD though, it would probably require a lot more effort from the devs as it would be like implementing something entirely new. Unlike a fix to something that exists, or adding an update from google.

    If nothing else, it's the kind of feature that could probably be added via custom ROM if you REALLY want it.

  • When you want Always On Display, one can assume that you are not satisfied with the Ambient Display and Lift to check already built-in functionality. Is that so?

    Settings / Display / Standby screen

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    In my opinion AOD and Lift to check are not the same. Lift to check requires a user's iteraction with the device and it turns the screen on. With AOD a user can easily get some basic information about notifications and time just by looking at the phone.

    For example If I take part in a business meeting, it is considered rude and unacceptable to check the phone (in most cases) and iteract with it (Lift to check) while AOD requires only a quick look to get the infromation.

    In this question I agree with @Casper and @cornelis about providing as much feautures and choises for the user as possible. And I totally disagree with @Mayendra : suddenly I want the device I am using most often to be as convinient and flexible as possible for all my and others needs. And I am using (and will use) the forum to discuss my optnion with the developers and other users: that is what it was made for. I will not start a flame-war about what a true, a budget, a pre-true, an upper-intermidiate true, etc. flagship is, but you do not know how the Asus IPS screen looks like when adjusted to run in AOD mode.

    Regarding the AOD development. Assuming that AOD is available fot ROG 2 (with xLED screen), the Asus developers already have a codebase for the feautre itself. As I understand the question is just to tune the kernel/drivers. It might be too labor-intensive to do this or maybe the marketing team is simply afraid that somebody will once say that Zenfone 6 is rubbish in terms of battery life just because an average user does not read popups/disclaimers and cannot mach a (I hope slightly) worse battery life with the AOD feature, or a dozen of any other reasons.

  • In my opinion AOD and Lift to check are not the same.

    Sure, but I mentioned Lift to check just for completeness of that Standby screen options.

    You should compare AOD and Ambient Display, not AOD and Lift to check.

    Ambient Display is like AOD, but with display timeout. My point was that some users ask for features and don't know already built-in similar features.

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    Do you mean the function that temporary turns the display when a notification arrives and when the display is turned on it looks different compared to a regular lock screen? I use a non-English locale and didn't get the feature you're talking about first time.

    I use this function, but still it is not as convenient as AOD and I cannot set a timeout for it. BTW, a few times I got a random lag when the screen stayed on until I pressed the power button: I was like, whoa, AOD! Cool!

  • Do you mean the function that temporary turns the display when a notification arrives and when the display is turned on it looks different compared to a regular lock screen?

    Bingo :)

    Ok. I personally have it solved quite differently for years. I use a small and unobtrusive Bluetooth headset, especially at meetings or outside the office. Tasker reads to me every notification, but not its contents, only the name of the application and who the message is from. My phone is hidden in my pocket, so I even don't bother anyone with a phone laying on the desk.

  • @CbIP i welcome if there is AOD features, i just don't want to get my hopes high bcs the lack of zenfone 6 display quality.

    so how about an AOD? @Anders_ASUS

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