Camera black screen

edited September 2020 in ZenFone 6

Hello community

My phone's camera suddenly has this black screen, all the camera options show up but the camera isn't displaying anything but just the black screen, has anybody had this problem in the past, if so then how do I fix it

, Please kindly help


  • Clear data for camera , if this won't work, try some other app.

  • I take it that you have tried killing the app, restarting your phone?

  • I have a similar problem; killing the app and restarting has no effect.

  • camera seems to be used by another app. How can i check which app this is?

  • Check in permissions manager for apps with access camera permitted. Disable one by one and check whether the issue has passed.

  • I'm afraid that it is a mechanical reason. It doesn't have any effect. Thanks for the tip.

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