Slow unresponsive and sluggish Zenfone 6 after Android 10

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Hi everyone,

I enjoyed my Zenfone 6 (US version) until it was running Android 9. And then it got updated to Android 10 a couple of months ago and started acting strange.

I already factory resetted it to 2 times now with no improvements. I think there were also 2 or 3 small incremental updates after big Android 10 update and I was hoping that would fix it but no luck.

It randomly freezes for about 45s to 1 min and I don't have any fancy apps or didn't install anything new after Android 10. To debug and track it down I enabled developer options and enabled "show all DNRs" and I constantly get "System UI service has stopped", Settings has stopped and no on. It is literally annoying and I am hating my phone now. Sometime it freezes for more than a min and reboots on its own. Battery also drains so fast now and it doesn't make it through the day. The phone is just a few months old and I am not sure what's the best way to fix this.

As I said, after Android 10 and after recent update I already did factory reset but it keeps freezing and remains unresponsive randomly.


  • When you did a factory reset, - do you also at the same time have Google Backup - and restore the settings each time after backup? That could cause the error to actually never be solved by a reset, since the backup would re-import it.

  • First factory reset, I restored the backup but for the second one I started as a new phone and that did not help. It was painful to start fresh and took me a while but even before that the phone startrd getting slow.

    Problem persists even today after new update last week (....2001.121). It gets stuck when switching apps, loading apps, typing and any random thing.

  • please do send your logs to mods if they contact u so that devlopers will work on the issue and find out the problem

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