Phone audiowizard not working

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Audiowizard not working. When i try to changed it during palying a music ( with earphone mode only) after new update.. kindly resolve it


  • What if you reset it? go to system settings -> apps and notifications -> see all xxx apps -> press show system (in the three dot menu) -> search for audio -> enter both AudioWizard & AudioWizardService and Clear their storage

  • Already did 474 times .. nothing hpn🤣😑

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    Not only audio wizard.. "some time i connect my mobile to my audio system of my car and playing mp3. Suddenly a sms notification rings . And stop the sound of the mp3..the song was remain playing but No sounds come. Then i have to stop the car and tap on ringtone sound setting then it again playing with sound. It's so annoying. Asus indian please focus on customer satisfaction.. its a 32k smartphone . The customers has some expectation.. please resolve this fucking bug.

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    I already sent about this problem log file to @Anders_ASUS but till now no response. I already posted same issue for a long time no update regarding to this

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