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I am a phone connoisseur and have had EVERY Nexus device, every Pixel device, and currently use the Pixel 4 XL as my daily driver. I also own the ROG 2 12gb/512gb International version, and the Oneplus 7T pro Mclaren 5g 12gb/256gb. Both the 7T pro Mclaren and the ROG2 have the 855+ CPU while the P4XL has only the 855. YET, the P4XL is a superior user experience because the ROG2 and OPO 7T are not refined enough software wise. Too many glitches daily with both.

Now you might say the P4 has glitches but mine does not. I dont like it as much as my previous P3XL because Google eliminated the fingerprint reader on the P4 and most developers HAVE NOT adopted the face unlock API......and may not ever. Yes, the ROG2 and OPO 7T pro beat my P4 in Antutu easily, but when I have to switch back and forth from airplane mode just to get the LTE signal working properly, then no, not a good experience even with their superior hardware. And yes, im in a strong signal area.

I am hoping Android 10 offers a better experience on my ROG2 when we get the update. We shall see.


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    Pixel is just good for cameras now. OnePlus has a better software imo. And asus has quite a lot of bugs but i think Android 10 will be better. My experience hasn't been that bad with rog because I've not experienced most of the bugs.

  • Glad I don't have any issues with my ROG 2 and using Google Fi(Locked to T-Mobile).

    My upgrade path was Nexus 6P -> Pixel 2XL -> ROG 2.

    I wanted to get a Pixel 4XL at some point. But the no fingerprint sensor is an automatic no for me. Also any phone with a notch or punch hole is out.

    My only complaints is there are some nice features I had on my Nvidia SHIELD Tablet that I wish were on here.

    • Like being able to control how many cores a game can use.
    • What frame rate the games can run at
    • Max CPU percentage the game can use
    • A place for uploading game profiles
    • Touch input enabled by default for mice

    The CPU changes would probably be too difficult to implement from what I've been told. Since Nvidia uses their own chips and not a Snapdragon.

  • Do you own all three of these exact phones? Because I do. Its $3000 worth of phones, so I doubt many people own all three. So let me explain how your opinion is not relative to "actually" owning and using these EXACT phones daily. I buy the new Pixel every year. This year I also bought the ROG 2 because it had superior specs to the Pixel 4 XL. I then turned around and bought the Oneplus 7T pro Mclaren, because it also had superior specs than the Pixel 4 XL. YET, BOTH the ROG 2 and Oneplus 7T are an INFERIOR user experience TO ME as I use them all daily.

    So, either you dont own all three of THESE phones, or you are just another Pixel basher, because NO WAY is the Oneplus software better........the software is actually the problem.

    The only thing the ROG 2 and Oneplus 7T do better is benchmarks like Antutu. And thats not real world daily smooth user experience.

    And I dont take photos so thats not relevant.

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    Pretty condescending but whatever. I used OnePlus 5t 6t 7pro. And it's better for me. Stock + really useful customizations is the way to go. OnePlus already has that and asus is on that track. Although pixel provides software updates for longer than anyone which is a huge thumbs up

  • So you're saying the user experience of ROG2 and Oneplus 7T is inferior to YOU, and yet you're saying people's OPINIONS are unreliable, because they either don't "actually" own the phones or they're pixel basher.

    Sounds like you're being a fanboy

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