Asus 6z Indian model having restart Issue

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I am facing following issues after using phone for 3 months:

  1. Auto restart while using camera for capturing multiple images
  2. Can not handle multiple apps simultaneously and suddenly restarts
  3. Log time of 48 MP camera is too much compared to other devices having same configuration.

Service center Dehradun, India couldnt resove the issue. They have trasnferred the phone to New Delhi. Lets see.

Totally unsatisfied with the product


  • Pa1Pa1 Level 1


    I faced the same issue i.e., auto restart. Essentially some units have a defective motherboard. The only solution is to replace the motherboard. I am from Bangalore and the service center got it replaced within 2 days. The phone works fine as of now. But agreed, not a pleasant experience visiting the service center for a hardware issue.

    Regarding 48 MP, yes there is a bit of a lag time compared to the 12 MP mode but that is to be expected. Compared to other devices, I am not sure.

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