Android 10 Gestures and third party launchers

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Google added support for third part launchers to work together with the new gesture navigation in the December update.

This support doesn't seem to have made it into the latest Zenfone 6 firmware?

Action launcher is confirmed to have implemented support. Users report updates to Lawnchair and Microsoft launcher also seem to add support for the gestures, though not explicitly stated anywhere. None of them work on the Zenfone 6. The gesture option simply stays greyed out unless the Asus launcher is set as default.

Is there any word on this? I REALLY like the new gestures, but simply cannot give up Smart launcher.


  • There's no word on this yet but we'll forward the request to the devs.

  • ZF6 needs to be updated to the latest Android 10 codebase to support new A10 gestures.

    So far only Pixel phones are compatible, hence Asus isn't alone who doesn't support them yet.

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    As google intended to fix the launcher customization from the outset, and only implented the "stock only" restriction on gestures as a stopgap solution, I think it's fair to expect such fixes to make their way to the phones of other manufacturers.

    As I have understood it, as google releases new versions of android they become available for manufacturers as well, and it is on them to implement later versions into updates for their devices. I'd wager that can take more or less work, depending on what is changing, but leaving us without this and other improvements would be sad. I know it can't happen immediately, but we should expect it eventually.

    With this added, the ZF6 would be the first perfect phone for me that I've had in a while.

  • Any updates on this? Google made their gesture navigation available with 3rd party launchers, and even custom ROMs. Accent colors, gesture navigation, and better permission/notification controls are probably the 3 best user features of Android 10, and only one of these is usable with the ROG Phone 2.

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    This is still a problem!!

    I want to use custom launchers and new android gestures, but using one STILL disables the other!

    Lots of launchers have already added support, but the ROM just cannot detect it because the update from google isn't being implemented! Why?!

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    Why you ask, because Asus are a well known shit company who doesn't really care about it's customers. This is a will known fact across their entire product line.

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