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hi all - new to the forum but had my zenfone 6 since October of 2019. I'm on t-mobile and sometimes get a 4G+ symbol when on mobile data. i think this means lte advanced but I'm not sure and i read that this means signals from the surrounding cell towers are being aggregated for better speed and reliability but I'm actually getting the opposite... my speeds are really slow when on 4G+. normal 4G is much much faster. anyone know why this is and if there is any way to turn off 4G+? thanks in advance!


  • You should not be able to turn off Carrier Aggregation. Asus phones cannot be turned off by themselves. Maybe try to see if 3G is faster than 4G in your area.

  • hmm ok thanks. 4G+ doesn't show up all the time. most of the time I'm on 'normal' 4G which is pretty good. i just thought the '+' sign meant faster and better lol.

  • The appearance of "4G +" represents 2CA / 3CA. If your telecommunications company has 4CA, "4G ++" will appear.

  • thanks again. i guess my main concern is 4G+ is really slow compared to 4G. so wishing i could turn it off lol.

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