ROG Phone 2 Cannot Boot

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Hi bought an ASUS ROG Phone 2 from flipkart in India in December and it is still in warranty. I am based overseas. About a week ago, the phone ran out of battery and shutdown, I tred to charge but it was not charging. I then tried to hold the power and low volume button (as some website advised) with the power plugged in. It booted with a Qualcomm Crash dump. The battery since it was drained ran out. Now i cannot charge plus i cannot boot on the device. I will be back in India (Chennai and Delhi) for 2 weeks.

Has anyone had this sympton and is there something i can check. I havent been to the service centers in India but i have read reviews that the repars can take very long. Considering that i dont have much time, what would you recommend that i do and which service centers might be an easier bet.

Thanks in advance, Rakesh


  • did you got any same with me

  • Sorry for the late response. The best option would be to explain your situation, and perhaps they can make an accommodation to repair your device within the period you are in India. You won't have warranty coverage outside of your country of purchase.

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