????SO MY 1.5 YEAR OLD phone got andorid 10 BUT this flagship didny

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So my 1.5 year old Nokia 6.1 which costs rs 9999 today with snapdragon 636 got andorid 10 update BUT THIS STUPID FLAGSHIP snapdragon 855 plus gaming phone doesn't have android 10 yet....which costs almost 40000 that's 4 Nokia 6.1

What the hell ? Asus u lazy


  • And this phone is released 4 months ago? GIVR US ANDROID 10 ALREADY

  • I think you will get update in middle Q1 this years.

    For now, ZS660KL still on beta test.

    Stay tuned.

  • Don't be so much impatient bro.

    As u know Asus had announced bimonthly update .

    They are currently working beta program , Rog 2 has many features = many extra bugs they need to fix before the update is released .

    So be patient they may release it on ending of JAN or maybe starting of FEB.

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    Does nokia 6.1 have armory crate? Does it have accesories that can break with updates? Can it do all the fricking thing Rog does ?

    If you think it's that easy ?

    Remember pal you got an "gaming phone"

    Yes a gaming phone outclasses all the so called 2019 "flagships" in terms of almost everything

    Is there an ETA on Nubia's RM3/Xiaomi's black shark 2 pro android 10 update? Heck no Asus went a step ahead and started a beta program for the phone (the phone just got it's 5th beta based on android 10) with a few more optimisations android 10 will be great on Rog 2

    Secondly they even started a device seeding program

    Yes development on a gaming device!!!

    Ever heard of a gaming device getting development?

    If you Feel Asus is slow with updates ( which they obviously aren't they improved a heck ton this year ) just flash something else and call it a day (lineage os, Omni ROM and a couple of kernels with gcam support by Arnova will be up in a couple of months)

    Btw Asus Zenfone 6(2019) and Zenfone 5z(2018) are already on stable android 10 which proves that Asus indeed is trying to be better than what they used to be .

    And yes Asus device can access the auxiliary (secondly wide angle lens) without root

    You don't have to do any shitfuckery with a magisk module unlike oneplus,+ you don't need fricking root for adding simple things as fonts on your device

    There's much to explore on your device pal that other's don't have learn to appreciate it

    You have a Stock+UI option in there too (again in a gaming phone)

    Fyi I'm on a Zenfone 5z right now :D

  • did you buy the gaming phone for software or for gaming first be clarity on our side and ask the question. It doesn't matter how much you spend on phone the ROG 2 is a gaming phone. In a gaming phone like ROG there are more problems to release an update without checking. So please be patient and enjoy android 10 on that Nokia

  • I switch between a Pixel 2 XL(Android 10) and the ROG 2 constantly.. and I really don't see why everyone wants 10 so bad. Only people who really will benefit in a gaming sense, is people who want to use DS4 controller.

  • Not just that, not all games/app are running smoothly on 10 atm. So I still don't know why ppl want to rush. Personally i still have to wait until DJI fly app stable on 10 before updating.

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    It's the same like Mac OS X. It's a known fact that since Apple started to roll out new version every year instead of 2 years like in the past, it's not recommended to install the new version for at least 6 months after the release. It's so full of bugs that if your business relies on it it can be a disaster. But still the vast majority of users are eager to install it as soon as it was released, to have immediately "latest and greatest". Good for us that are patient so they test all bugs for us.

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