battery drain after 119 update

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I encounter large battery drain after update to 119. I notice one core constant load 100% but cannot find any process does .


  • What if you prevent all apps from starting in system settings -> battery -> PowerMaster -> auto-start manager. Then you kill/clear all apps in the recent apps overview. Is one of the cores still working? If all cores are idle, then you can start apps one by one to find the guilty one. Start with apps that you have recently installed or apps that have been recently updated. You can see which apps that have been updated in Google Play store

  • The cpu load is normal for me on .119

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    Just a note on your Deep Sleep value, it could be higher, the 53% is not very good. I usually reach about 95% overnight and 70-85% during the day. This, of course, has a big impact on battery life.

    For me personally, not SOT, but Deep Sleep is the main marker of how well the phone is saving battery power.

  • True although I only lose about 1% battery overnight so it's not a big deal for me

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