Asus 6z back glass cracked

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Hello guys as the status says, i have dropped my phone unknowingly from a 1 foot high sofa and somehow the back glass panel has been cracked.

Please tell me weather the back panel is available and can it be changed or not?

And what is the approximate cost for its replacement?

My phone is still in warranty and i also have Complete Mobile Protection from Flipkart but it seems to be of no use to me because the guys there say that back panel is not covered.

Please suggest me guys what to do now?


  • You can go to the ASUS service center. Fees are charged for damage caused by human factors. The price will be quoted after the actual inspection.

  • My phone is still in warranty and i also have Complete Mobile Protection from Flipkart

    What ? , Meaning of full protection means. Phone should be covered 360 degree. How much you paid for it?

    Be prepared to pay big amount as it Gorilla Glass 6. Can you post the image of your cracked panel, also how it fell corner or flat back?

  • Actually while purchasing the phone from Flipkart there was a complimentary Complete Mobile Protection from jeeves for jst INR 99 on offer and i had chosen it to secure my mobile.

    But now they are denying and saying that back panel can not is not covered in their terms and conditions but body panel is covered ( they have misguided by using body panel and not back panel in their terms and conditions)

  • zenfone 6 back glass is corning gorilla glass 3, cmiiw

  • Yeah this is what i also have seen somewhere that it is GG3

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    Ohh.. back glass is Gorilla Glass 3. 

    Even though it will cost as good as $50 - $70 (INR. 4000/-). OP can to vinyl wrap DIY. It cost around $4-6 for a big sheet and good cutter.

    See this:

  • It happened with me too. The back panel glass broke while it fell down from a height of 1 -2 ft. This is really crazy. Pathetic material used for it. Let's bring this to social media to highlight to everyone.

  • Nothing will happen bro... because its not a mass jst happens with a few among thousands

  • Gorilla Glass is also glass, if there is particular angle it will shatter for sure. Particularly, when back glass is curved. I am surprised how were you using without any case? It's so slippery, even holding naked-phone was scary for me.

    Case made it too big to hold. Finally I put a semi-transparent vinyl to make it non-slippery.

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