Android 10 Issue in Indian Devices

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Context: Last week my device started automatically restarting after the latest Android 10 update. I took it to the service centre in Bangalore, F1 Info Solutions and Services.

Result: The motherboard in the device was replaced. The phone was handed back to me. I pointed out that the device started misbehaving after Android 10 update. This is the advice that the service engineer gave me.

Advice from Service Centre: Android 10 update is causing devices to crash. Please don't update the device. Keep using it in Android 9 till a month.

Questions to Asus:

1. Is this really the way to launch a device or its subsequent updates? Full of bugs and unresolved issues?

2. Despite the warranty that is provided, it is not a pleasant experience investing time and effort to go to a service centre in India.

3. I trusted Asus chose it over OnePlus and even Google. Do you still expect me to trust this company again?


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    That's really bad experience.

    I got my 6z last month which was on Android 10 out or box or got updated to 10 immediately. Right now I am on xxx.11. So far no issues on my device.

  • I don't know how software can affect it's hardware. I think your hardware was weak when you bought it, cuz there many users who didn't encounter this issue after update incl me. I think you can update your device now as you have replaced your motherboard. This can prove whether the existing motherboard is atleast good enough to handle updates cuz as the warranty date reaches you will not have any further free services, that's why.

    I can guarantee that it's not because of the update.

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    Hey, That is the logic I gave to the service centre guys!! Hardware issues must in no way be affected by software updates. But, the service centre appears to be ill informed and basically did not give a coherent logic for his advice. I will upgrade it anyway, let's hope for the best.

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