Calls not received. Texts delayed.

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Hello. Just upgraded to the ZenFone 6 (Edition 30) over the new year and notice that many calls from family and friends are going straight to voicemail. I tested this with a friend in the room, and out of 5 attempts, only 3 made the phone ring. Many important calls for business do not ring at all. I am using Ultra Mobile (T-Mobile MVNO) and have done the usual run-around (reset phone, empty cache, check all settings for fowarding, DND, and such). Even on a fresh install, it is experiencing the same phenomenon. I tried a different phone and it seemed to consistently work...I'll keep testing.

I wanted to see if anyone else had issues with not getting calls or texts (irrespective of carrier) or if it could be just carrier issues for me. I have great coverage in my area, thus it is not like I am roaming or disconnected. Thank you for the help.



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    TMobile US for me (updated apn settings per tmobile website). I had 3 missed calls yesterday. I know they were missed because at work when I have to log in to an outside computer system it calls my phone so that I can type in a passcode to confirm it is me. If my cellphone doesn't answer, my work phone is set to backup call. I did it 3 or 4 times yesterday and my 6z never rang once but it reverted to my work phone. The VMs of the attempts showed up about an hour later. Had good signal. Was on wifi if relevant.

    Also had a significantly delayed text this AM. I also know this was delayed because I opened our safe which generates a text typically within 30 seconds. It didn't show up till half an hour later when I left home. Showed up within seconds of disconnecting from wifi as I drove.

    I'm guessing (maybe wrong) that it's because they aren't giving us volte in the US (as opposed to elsewhere). Not sure if there is a wifi issue too as xda has a thread about missing texts and calls on wifi if I recall correctly. Sad because otherwise it is a great phone but hard to recommend it to anyone if they really need it to be a phone.

    @Anders_ASUS @LP_ASUS

  • Maybe if enough people speak up something will happen but my impression is that US customers are on the back burner. Or maybe it is a money issue? Maybe they have to pay TMobile to get volte and wifi calling but they don't want to? I don't know. I just gotta be more careful, I guess, with future purchases.

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    I have the same issue from the beginning.

    Also I'm T-Mobile user. I tried everything, but still get missing calls.

    Asus we need your help!!

  • Same here. Didn't realize researching a phone was like researching a car now

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    Thanks so much for responding and confirming someone is aware and at least listening. Got mine 2 months ago to the day so not that long. I can't exactly tell you how long it has been present because it, thankfully, doesn't happen with all incoming calls. Plus, unless someone leaves a VM, I wouldn't know that I missed it. Same with texts, I wouldn't know I missed the text or it was delayed unless I know that it was sent and when it was sent. The XDA thread that I referenced before was initially posted in October. Their conclusion, correct or not, was that it seemed to be associated with WiFi in some way. Above I anecdotally reported a similar delayed text that showed up when I left WiFi. May mean nothing. This whole this is sporadic. One of the mods (you?) mentioned in another thread that it might have something to do with 3G connection signal as we unfortunately don't have voLTE support in the US (or maybe I'm way off base). If it means anything, in my house I have a T-mobile cell spot. This is NOT a signal booster. This is a device that connects to my router and acts as an actual mini cell tower via broadband internet. We always have full signal in the house for that reason. The text that was delayed yesterday wouldn't have been from weak signal (although I'm assuming the box provides 3G and 4G and maybe it doesn't). I've had it for several years and it has been rock solid with our other phones. Maybe irrelevant, but when I bought the 6z, I bought a 5z for my wife and she has had some missed (delayed) texts on it too.

    If you think logging it would help that would be fine. I don't receive that many calls (other than spam) but I could test it I suppose by trying to call it often from other numbers.

  • I have the same issue on T-Mobile, I'm fine with logging it, I got my Zenfone 6 in mid August

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    I got mine at US launch and it feels like it's always been an issue. I think at least for my area it's missing 3g/2g I've posted about that before. Volte or vowifi would alleviate some pain points. Are carriers keeping you from engaging these settings? Anything we can do as users to push this up for you? I'd rather not spend more money on another phone, but this is getting to be impactful to my job and it's getting to be a noticed issue.

  • I have issue from first days when I got my silver 8/256.

    And it keeps going every day. Today more than 3 different people can't reach me. They are reach me out in the end by different Messengers.

  • One of the mods (you?) mentioned in another thread that it might have something to do with 3G connection signal as we unfortunately don't have voLTE support in the US (or maybe I'm way off base). Yes, that was me. That's my working theory on what's going on, but this is why logs are so valuable.

    If you have a cell signal directly from your home, then that is the best possible situation. But you're still seeing sporadic missed texts at home? Then you could be on to something, with the Wi-Fi being a factor somehow.

    Can you try testing at home with Wi-Fi on, at home with Wi-Fi off, and out and about? Probably spamming the phone with calls and texts from your wife's phone would be fine. I'll PM you the log tool and instructions in a little bit.

  • Doing what you are doing is the best thing. Let us know when you're having connection issues, where it is happening, and how frequently.

    I understand how this could affect a job and job performance, and we don't want to put you in that position because you chose our phone. I'll send you a PM with instructions.

  • So for example the built in SMS app is losing messages, but Whatsapp or LINE or Facebook is picking up notifications/messages no problem? What network are you on? Would you be willing to have us log the phone?

  • Sure I can do that testing at home. Would wait until logging.

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    Hi @LP_ASUS,

    I would also be open to helping in the problem solving efforts as well. Another thing I should bring up too is that I experience painfully slow times to send a SMS message (using the built in SMS app). These are not even MMS messages (which often take even longer). I read online to switch to Textra and it has been working much better, albeit MMS still takes sometimes over two minutes to send (even with just a short gif from the Google keyboard).

    Slightly off topic, but @skylerwolfe, I also might want to invest in a cell spot if I can get one for my sub-brand (Ultra). I often visit family in an area with no coverage whatsoever. I don't know if its T-Mobile customers only that can acquire and fully utilize one, but I will look into it.

  • How I mentioned before, I'm T-mobile US user.

    Yes, I'm losing text messages by Built in app. Other messengers, which are using WiFi don't loose text messages.

    I will to provide phone log, how can I do it?

  • I'll send you a PM with instructions.

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    I've been having the same problem but very sporadic. At first I thought I just missed the call but I can confirm I have now witnessed calls going directly to voice mail. I have also seen text messages delayed a few hours. This again is very sporadic. The phone calls may be 1 in 8 and the texts may be 1 in 25. This goes back to at least 2 updates. Cannot be more precise than that.

    If you need additional help with logs, please let me know.

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