How to setup apps for quick launch in lockscreen

TheCuriosCatTheCuriosCat Level 2
edited September 2020 in ZenFone 6

Helllllo everyone at ASUS, I hope you guys is having a very great day! So, I've bought Zenfone 6 as soon as it came out and I can't help but noticed one feature is always missing and I thought it's just Zen UI 6's problem.

That feature is the quick launch apps in lock screen right in the bottom of the screen. Since the very first version of Zenfone 6, there is only the camera quick launch in the right bottom corner in the lockscreen.

However, as I was changing my wallpaper today. I discovered that the wallpaper preview actually has that shown! But I just couldn't find the setting despite me trying to find it for an hour or so.

Thus, in writing to the ASUS Zentalk community for help! Please help me I want to put another app in my lockscreen


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